First Day in Rome

After a delicious in-flight meal that could also be used as shark repellant, and a few hours sleep, we landed in Rome at around nine in the morning. We sacrificed some rigatoni in hopes our luggage would arrive, and – after 20 minutes – were rewarded. We rode through the center of Rome to our accommodations; The Hotel Lord Bryon. It is a beautiful small hotel in a quiet section of Rome. See the photo of our room. I loved all the beautiful artwork in the hotel as well. It was all canvases of women. Check it out at

After a nap to shed our jet lag, we went over to the Piazza Navona for a glass of wine at Tre Scalini. When in Rome, stop in and say hello to their maître d’, Angelo. Take a look at their menu at:

David was reminiscing about the time he and his parents and sisters had dinner there in 1960. Lo and behold a waiter recognized David; took off his oxygen mask to say hello, and promptly fell over. Fortunately, he was resuscitated by rubbing garlic and olive oil on his chest and he recovered quickly…and if you believe this, we have some swamp land for sale at a really good price…

That evening we dined in the hotel’s restaurant, Sapori, which turned out to be a wonderful dinner. My purse didn’t even sit on the floor; you are offered padded footstools for your purse.


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