Bienvenue en France, Darren

Saturday, April 26, 2008

We sent a text message to Darren at around 9:45, and he responded that he was picking up his baggage, and all was OK. David puttered around cleaning the house, washing the linens, vacuuming the house and the car, while I uploaded and titled more photos for our travel blog.

After driving to Avignon, we met Darren at the TGV station, a bit late, and a little tired, but in great spirits. We headed off to St. Remy to get a quick bite and a glass of wine. The cameras came out and he and Bev snapped photos non-stop.

After a light meal and some wine at La MIrabeau, we picked up a roast chicken and a couple of other items for dinner and headed back to the house. A quick stop at Domaine de la Vallongue for a refill on their wonderful wines, and it was back to the house. Dinner was eclectic – salad with canellini beans, roast herbed chicken, rosemary potatoes, and the last of our pasta.

Sat in front of a nice fire in the fireplace for a bit, then turned in.



One Response to Bienvenue en France, Darren

  1. Anne Markoe says:

    Wow, this is quite the blog!! I feel like I am there with you both. Has any one told you both that a career in publishing may be in your future?(HA HA) Love, Anne

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