Entertaining Provencal style

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The morning was spent drinking coffee, doing most of the prep for tonight’s dinner, and quickly setting the dinner table. We are expecting our friends from La Riboto-de-Taven, Philippe & Christine Theme and Jean-Pierre Novi and his wife Claire. They own and run an intimate six-room inn in Les Baux. We have stayed there for many years and it truly is a wonderful place to call home. Their web site is www.riboto-de-taven.fr  Jean-Pierre is an award-winning chef; his cuisine is the best in Provence. If you are in the area, go there for dinner, you will not be disappointed.

Philippe challenged us to a game of pétanque, the national pastime of France. It’s a game very similar to bocce, but pétanque use metal boules (balls) instead of wooden balls as in bocce. Unfortunately, the hotel had late check-ins who arrived later than expected so our match was called off because of darkness. Lucky for them, as we are sore losers.

Dinner consisted of a salad of mixed greens, cannellini beans and fresh shrimp; followed by Pasta All’Amatriciana and roasted asparagus with roasted sliced red peppers. For dessert, Betty made a wonderful chocolate bread pudding. It seemed as though everyone enjoyed the meal as second and third helpings were the norm. The wines were terrific.


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