Up, Up and Away!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

This morning we stopped at the Aéroclub de St. Rémy les Alpilles to inquire about an introduction glider course and ride. We were hopeful that we could make a reservation either this afternoon or on Friday. Much to our surprise, after Jeff signed on the dotted line he was ready for take-off in a glider with a pilot.

The wind currents and thermals were not that strong, so the pilot of the glider wanted to be brought up by an airplane to gain a higher altitude before being released. Dawn, David and myself watched as the airplane taxied with the glider only attached by a rope, then up, up and away – Jeff was airborne.

We watched for 40 minutes as the glider soared over the Aéroclub; Saint-Remy-de-Provence; Glanum; Alpilles and the French Alps. Jeff was awestruck by the aerial views and at one point thought he was flying over Boca with the vast number of swimming pools in Provence. 

Just think, after today’s ride, Jeff only needs 11 more lessons to become a qualified glider pilot!

Once on land, we travelled into St. Remy to grab some lunch at Bistrot Decouverte, walk around the village and afterward travelled through the Alpilles and around the surrounding area sightseeing. That evening, we dined at our favorite restaurant, La Riboto-de-Taven, where we were warmly greeted by Christine, Philippe and Jean-Pierre. Always a wonderful dinner, then headed back over the Alpilles to our home.


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