All We Do is Eat!

Friday, July 18th

We started off the day eating at the hotel’s grand buffet breakfast in their solarium. As you can see Uncle Bobby had so much food that Marilyn needed to spoon-feed him to help him finish his breakfast. Ha-Ha!
Once suitably stuffed, we set our sites on our hometown, Ridgefield, founded in 1708, just a shade before Uncle Bobby was born. Upon arrival, I wanted to visit the “Scott House, ” as the Scotts were the founding fathers of our little town of Ridgefield, and Aunt Dottie is a ninth generation Scott. That’s the closest I’ll ever be to a Mayflower descendant!
After Marilyn finished vacuuming the Scott house and Windexing the windows, the next thing on our mind, of course, was where to have lunch!

We decided to put lunch off for a bit to stop at Shoe La La. Marilyn’s daughters; Suzanne and Stephanie own the shop. They were getting it primed for the big sale on Saturday, “Sale-ebration”, where Ridgefield closes Main Street and streets become pedestrian walkways. I thought, I might as well contribute, so I ended up with a beautiful brown leather bag and a pair of shoes. Stephanie asked if we would like to go over to see their new home of two years, which we did. Stephanie’s husband John was home as well as their two daughters, Olivia and Grace. We got the complete house tour. Their home is beautiful with many furnishings and artwork brought back from the orient.

We were running really late and needed to get lunch. Our options were the Sycamore drive-in or heading ‘over the line’ to the 121 Restaurant, formerly Johnson’s Bar, in Peach Lake, NY.  We chose 121 and had a great lunch of pulled pork sandwiches for myself and Uncle Bobby, and cheeseburgers for Marilyn and Aunt Dottie.

Then it was off to Barnes & Noble to peruse the travel books and maps on Paris. Tomorrow we are having breakfast with our cousin Deb who is taking a week trip to Paris and needed some advice as to what to see and do.

That evening we had a six o’clock reservation at Chuck’s Steak House. We all felt as though we had just finished eating, guess what, we had! We all met at six, including our brother George aka ‘Butchie’.  His wife, Dawn, was unable to make it, but we caught up with her on Saturday. Dinner was enjoyable with a lot of reminiscing and stories. I was shocked at how much I had forgotten.



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