Bev Travels to Connecticut


Thursday, July 17th

The day started with a trip to FLL to catch a JetBlue flight to White Plains. Left on time, arrived early, pulled my luggage off the carousel, and drove off in my rental SUV to CT. Once I got on the highway, I called Uncle Bobby to let him know I was underway. Just as I passed a sign indicating my destination was 33 miles away Uncle Bobby said, “Oh, you’ll be here in 20 minutes.” I thought the ‘Old Goat’ is crazy!
I reached the hotel, The Ethan Allen Inn, in about 30 minutes, parked and noticed what I thought was Shirley Muldowney flying by in the parking lot. A second look confirmed that actually it was Aunt Dottie, the Danica Patrick of Danbury.
After dropping my luggage in the room, I was greeted by Uncle Bobby and Aunt Dottie, and off we went to visit the new digs of my sister Marilyn, her husband Dick, and Rocky the dog.
After the grand tour, Marilyn’s daughter Michelle stopped by with her sons Andrew and Ryan to visit.
Once Michelle and company left we went to dinner at Houlihan’s. We had a delightful meal and it turned out to be a lot of laughs and a very pleasant evening.



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