Saturday, July 19


We were up and at ‘em early for the eight a.m. breakfast bell. Our cousin Deb and her sister Jo-Ann and Jo-Ann’s daughter Jessica, joined Uncle Bobby, Aunt Dottie, Marilyn, and myself for the buffet spread at the Ethan Allen. We talked about family memories and trips, who was doing what and where they were going on vacation. We hung around for about three hours and we were finally asked to leave, so the staff could prepare the table for lunch. Oh well, it was enjoyable. Uncle Bobby and Aunt Dottie took the afternoon off, so Marilyn and I decided to go to Ridgefield for the “Sale-ebration”.

By the time we arrived, it was, guess what? Time for lunch, so we called Butch and said we were going to Vincenzo’s Pizzeria for lunch and asked if he and Dawn could join us. We ordered pizza and we caught up on the news of their children and grandchildren.

By the time we got to town and Shoe La La, it was after two. We were then caught in a rainstorm so our shopping was cut short. Back to the hotel to meet up with Uncle Bobby & Aunt Dottie for dinner. We dined near their home at a family-style Italian restaurant. Food and company was good.


One Response to Sale-ebration!

  1. Bobbie says:

    Great pictures Bev, especially with Marilyn feeding Uncle Booooooooob.


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