Darren & Anne Arrive in Provence

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The morning broke with another beautiful day on the horizon. In fact, the temperature ended up in the low 80s, unusually warm weather even for Provence. Let’s hope it will last for the balance of our trip.

A quick food shopping trip into Eygalières, then David and I went for lunch at Bistrot Decouverte in the center of St Remy-de-Provence. We’ve dined there before and have always had a good experience. Today was no exception with the plate of risotto aux girolles. At the next table were a French couple and their dog, a Jack Russell Terrier, Maurius. We commented on how handsome their dog was, and soon began having a conversation that covered every imaginable topic – the elections in the U.S., our home in the States, bringing dogs to France when visiting, Naval aviation (the gentleman, Jean-Pierre, flew F-8s for the French Navy so he and David waxed on about Navy things and planes..) We then discovered that they live in Les Baux de Provence and are good friends of our friends from Riboto de Taven – Christine, Philippe, and Jean-Pierre. Beverly shared her fear of cooking for Jean-Pierre with them, and the wife, Ann, confided that she feels the same way. John-Pierre said that the key was to serve “le menu Picard,” Picard being a source for high-quality frozen meals (Suzanne take heed, you can cook in France!) We said goodbye to Jean-Pierre, Ann, and their doggy, Maurius, with their invitation to visit them on our next trip, and headed for the TGV station in Avignon to pick up Anne and Darren.

Thirty minutes later we were at the station, and picked up Darren and Anne who arrived exactly on time via TVG from Charles DeGaulle Airport. Once we got the car loaded with luggage, we drove to St Remy so that they could get a quick bite to eat. We stopped at Le Mirabeau where Darren had a salad and Anne a tarte (quiche.) Afterwards, we took  a quick stroll through St Remy and stopped at our favorite patisserie shop to pick up some sweet pastries (sacristain and tigres – or, as Bev calls them , chocolate bombs) for breakfast. As both Darren and Anne were jet-lagged, we headed back to the farmhouse so they could catch some shut-eye before going out for dinner at Aubergine, an Italian restaurant in Eygalieres. We all had a lovely dinner and everyone retired early.



4 Responses to Darren & Anne Arrive in Provence

  1. Bobbie says:

    Glad the weather is turning better for you. The pictures look great. We are wishing you a great BIRTHDAY on Thursday.

    Looks like your trip is ending soon.

    Look forward to seeing you both in January.

    Love, Dottie and Bobbie

  2. David and Beverly Gideon says:

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes and yes, we are one week away from packing our bags and catching a plane on Tuesday returning home. Bev and David

  3. Terry Nugent says:

    Hey I’m fixing to pick up one of them there chateaus-will they take a subprime mortgage?

  4. Most chateaux are a real steal, given that they were built several hundred years ago and have little if any reliable plumbing; no electricity, phone or cable; no a/c or heat; bugs big enough to saddle; and roofs that provide a free “rain forest shower” effect. I’m sure we can find you suitable financing with France-Lehman Bro or a similar high caliber outfit.

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