Les Baux, the Château

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We woke with very overcast clouds and little hope for sun. Today we visited the old citadel of Les Baux which is always enjoyable. The views are spectacular and their shops and galleries always fun to browse. We stopped in at the always popular candy store, then onto the Musée des Santons. “Santon” in Provençal means “a little saint”. These wooden statues first appeared in the 13th century in the churches of Rome. The Santons are statuettes used for making of the manger, and the nativity. When the French Revolution and the period of Terror banned all religious symbols in public places, the church mangers were all destroyed.  The first Santons were made in Marseille where Provencal families could express their devotion more discretely in their homes.

Almost time to have lunch but Darren and Anne continued the climb up to see the Château, while David and I picked a spot to dine. We found a casual little courtyard restaurant and waited for an hour or so until they were finished, and then had a pleasant lunch. As we were finishing up, the skies finally turned blue.

After lunch, we walked down through the old village of Les Baux, got our car, and stopped in for a quick visit with our friends, Christine and Philippe at Riboto-de-Taven. We had a lively conversation, laughs and a great cup of coffee.

Once home, I roasted chicken, vegetables and potatoes and made a mixed green salad. Everyone turned in early.


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