Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We travelled to a small hilltop village, Roussillon, population 1,200 including cats and dogs. The day started out with heavy mist with no panoramic or skyline views. Basically it stayed that way the entire day. We were hoping it would burn off as the last two days were awful for photography. Oh well, close-ups are the order of the day.

Roussillon is a sleepy little town, but because of the color of land; deep ochre’s that prevail in a multitude of shades and colors, this village is very popular with the tourists. Today Anne stayed behind fighting off a cold, so David, Darren, and I went on the road trip. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a line of tour buses invading the village, so we just pulled up and parked in a primo space in the middle of town.

We walked around and up and down through the village. The buildings are all very warm colors, different from other small towns. Darren continued to the top of the town and David and I were content with finding a spot to have lunch. That’s our m.o. We found a shady table at the Brasserie de Castrum and enjoyed the beautiful weather and simple lunch. After, we left for the car to head back, but before doing so, we took a quick side trip to another hilltop village, Bonnieux. A pleasant little village with wonderful views but there was too much haze to really appreciate or photograph the scenery.

Back at the farmhouse, Chez Darren, our master chef for the evening prepared dinner of grilled sirloin tips, potato planks, and cherry tomatoes skewered on a sprig of fresh rosemary from the garden. The sauce he prepared from scratch was wonderful, the perfect accent to the beef. There was a small mishap when the cast iron grill went smoking. At least the fire truck didn’t arrive and the smoke inhalation was minor. I didn’t know smoke could burn your eyes that much. Ha-Ha!

With all the excitement we all retired early as Wednesday we had an early wake-up for a cooking class in Avignon at the Hotel La Mirande with our friend, Jean-Pierre Novi from Riboto de Taven.


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