The Crusade

Friday, October 17, 2008

Everyone had one or two things on their to-do list, such as shopping, going to the Eygalieres market, and a visit or return visit to Aigues Mortes, an hour and a half drive away. By the time we got started it was a bit later than planned, so we realized we needed to drop market day in Eygalières and head right into St-Remy so Darren could buy chocolate treats for his co-workers at Joël Durand’s chocolate shop before it closed for the lunch hour. Anne wanted Steak Tartare for dinner, so we made reservations for that evening at Bistrot Decouverte in St. Remy where they serve an excellent one. Once we accomplished those tasks, we programmed Millie to head us in the right direction for Aigues Mortes. Smooth sailing until Millie took us right through downtown Arles on a Friday – traffic and more! Once through, we made good time the rest of the way to Aigues Mortes. Naturally, we arrived in time for lunch, where we picked out a garden restaurant, Le Dit Vin ( ) where we had dined in the Spring.

After a nice lunch, Darren and Anne climbed one of the towers then walked the promenade for a bit. I turned over my camera to Darren to take some photos on my behalf. Aigues Mortes was where the 7th Crusade was launched in the 13th century. At that time, the Rhone and its delta were clear for ships to set sail. Today, it is silted over and there are salt refineries where once ships docked. We met up, hopped back in the car for the trip home. We had one stop to make on our way back, to say our goodbyes to our friends, Christine, Philippe and Jean-Pierre; we then headed to the farmhouse to pack.

Once packed, we drove back into St-Remy, had an early dinner. Our two weeks at the farmhouse were up and in the morning we were taking the train to Paris.


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