Weekend in Paris

Saturday, May 22, 2010
Arrived at Charles deGaulle safely and pretty jet-lagged from being awakened several times because of turbulence on the crossing. Once we cleared customs and retreived our luggage we found that the agricultural farmers/owners had the Champs de Elysses tied up because of a demonstration. All we wanted to do was to lay down and nap but it wasn’t to be. We were taken on a round-a-bout trip to the hotel taking over one hour compared to what normally would have been a 30 minute drive. Once there, we got a second wind, headed off to Le Carre for lunch. It is a little bistro not far from the hotel and offers a nice variety of dishes. David had the beef carpaccio and I had the curried crab and green salad. Once lunch was over, we were ready for a nap.
Later we found we were hungry again so we headed for the Metro and ended up at Place de l’Alma on the Seine where there are numerous restaurants. We picked Chez Francis because of its views of the Eiffel Tower. David and I had a quick bite to eat, both of us trying to get through the jet-lag and get back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep.

Sunday, May 23, 2010 — a new day with both of us renewed by a solid night’s sleep. Weather is picture-perfect and warm. We took the Metro to the Bastille, near to Place des Vosges. Place des Vosges has some good restaurants but more importantly it has many art and sculpture galleries, all open on Sunday. It is fun to walk around popping in and out the galleries. We had lunch at one of the oldest bistroes in Paris, Bofinger. I ordered, scallops, languoustine and shrimp. David had grilled salmon. Once we had lunch we walked around for quite a long time, then took the Metro back to our hotel. Later that evening we had reserved a table at Joel Robouchon’s newest 2-star restaurant, La Table. The food was exquisite. David and I both chose from the ‘petit’ plates. We tried three each, and one was better than the other. The bonus was the server brought us a small tureen of Robouchon’s famous mashed potatoes. Perfect and the best you’ll ever taste! What a nice way to end your day. Tomorrow, dialysis and then drive off to Tours. Bon Nuit!


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