Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We woke to another dreary overcast day. Other than sightseeing via foot and dialysis in the afternoon, nothing special was planned.  We started out to take pics, but photography was out of the question with the weather. As noon closed in, we found a small Italian restaurant (Tosca) in a quiet square of Rue Colbert to have lunch. Their claim was the thinnest crust  you’d find in Europe and they weren’t kidding. It barely held a little tomato sauce and cheese without caving. David and I added a green salad with the small pizza and a bottle of local Touraine Sauvignon (about 10 Euros) . After lunch, it was time to get to the clinic. The staff and doctor were very pleasant and I was told by the doctor I was their youngest patient. Depressing!

After the clinic, we dropped by our friends’ home, Marc and Catherine, to figure out, what else, where to eat dinner. Off we went with Catherine in her yellow VW Beatle to BarJu a seafood restaurant in Tours. We had a 3- course fish dinner and it was great.

Tomorrow, pack and drive back to Paris.


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