Saturday, May 29, 2010

We awoke to a spectacular day, with nary a cloud in the sky, moderate temperatures, and just a hint of a breeze. Breakfast was what we have come to expect in Provence, with fresh-baked breads of every description, fresh-squeezed juice, and a plate of tempting fruits. We enjoyed the breakfast while chatting with our friends and planning out our day.

We decided to go to Isle sur la Sorgue a small town set on and around the Sorgue River about 45 minutes from Baux de Provence. It is known for its many shops selling furniture and antiques, as well as the many cafes and bistros that line the river which flows through town, We fired up the A4 and headed to St. Remy and then on to Cavillion and then Isle sur la Sorgue. As we know the area pretty well, we did not have “Karen” guide us, and left her in our room. Some 45 minutes later we arrived, found parking, and began our exploration.

As it was lunch time, we looked at various menus and settings, finally settling on a small café in the old section of town next to the church. Lunch was simple, as we were saving our appetites for dinner with Jean-Pierre, a salad for David and roast-beef for Bev, washed down with a bottle of Ventoux rosé. After lunch we strolled through the old part of town looking at shops, then strolled along the river taking in the sights and quaint shops there. A quick glass of wine by the river, watching the ducks, and it was time to head back.

We drove back to Mausanne les Alpilles, the quaint town next to Baux de Provence, and decided to have another glass of wine in the square where we have spent so many pleasant afternoons. It was good to be back. The square has been spruced up, with more substantial tables and umbrellas for the cafés, a paved surface replacing the old gravel areas, and more extensive (and expensive) menus. As we were relaxing and enjoying the gorgeous afternoon, a band started to set up next to the church – two guitars, bass, drums, and singer. After an hour they still were working on getting their tuning and balance right, when the priest, and then a nun, from the church came out to scold them for the noise. They ceased their set up, and we left without ever hearing their music. We think that they were to play at the reception in the square being held for a wedding taking place in the church.

Dinner at Riboto was another delightful experience, with Jean-Pierre putting out superb examples of Provencal cuisine. Bev started with stuffed courgette (zucchini) flowers, while David opted for cods and artichokes with fresh vegetables. We both then had the duck breast, which was superb. As always, we left the wine choice to Philippe, who chose a nice Vallongue white wine from Eygalieres. A little cheese, a dessert of rhubarb and spices, and the meal was done.

We chatted for a while with Christine, Philippe, and Jean-Pierre, and then headed to bed.


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