Sunday, May 30, 2010

The morning broke a bit cooler than Saturday, with clouds scudding around. While overcast, it was incredibly clear, which meant maybe good photography was in the offing.

After breakfast, we tried to map out our day, and settled on a trip past the town of Carpentras to the Dentelles, in the southern wine region of the Rhone. We spent a while trying to access the Wi-Fi at Riboto, but without success, so finally headed off at almost noon, a late start that meant we might not be able to make the long drive to our original destination.

 St. Remy was barricaded for a fete, so we had to detour around the town, taking more time. The sailplanes overhead inspired us to drive to the glider strip at Romanin to watch the activities. We watched a couple of take offs and landings, then headed on.

Given the lateness, we decided to return to our old haunts in Eygalieres for lunch. We arrived to find the town packed, with every table at every café and bistro packed. We dropped by an old favorite – Sous les Micocolours – but it was completely booked, so we strolled on. Surprisingly, the Brasserie d’Eygalieres had a table in their courtyard, so we decided to eat there. This location used to be known as Bistro d’Eygalieres, or Chez Bru, a Michelin two-star restaurant, so we expected a fine meal. We found that Chez Bru has moved four kilometers down the road, and the operation here was now a brasserie with a simpler menu. While still part of Chez Bru, it was run by a different team. While the food was good – risotto with sea bream – the service continues the indifferent character of Chez Bru, making the meal less than fully enjoyable. In any event, a bottle of Valdition white wine from Eygalieres was good, as always, and we made the most of the meal.

From Eygalieres, we headed into the Alpilles, the small mountain range that lies to the south, stopping for a few photo ops. We ended up, once again, in Mausanne les Alpilles, and opted for a glass of local wine at a table in the square. No band this day, but the weather turned spectacular, with bright sun and clear skies. After a short time relaxing, it was back to Riboto de Taven where we relaxed on our patio for a bit.

Dinner was, as always, a delight, with superb Provencal fare from Jean-Pierre, and a delicious rose from Chateau Romanin as the perfect accompaniment. We chatted with Chirstine and Philippe during and after the meal, getting caught up on everything that was happening with them. They are delightful people, and always make our stay at Riboto special.

Finally, off to pack and turn in.


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