Monday, September 20th, 2010

This morning we made acquaintances with a couple (Martha and Mike) that are moving to Barbados for a two-year stint. Philippe told them we knew the Caribbean and might be able to put them in touch with people we know in Barbados, which we did. They currently live in Houston and they were both excited and anxious about their relocation. We chatted with them over breakfast before they made their way to Arles and we made our way over the Alpilles (“little alps”) for some photos. I was pretty happy with the photos, as the day was just beautiful and perfect for taking photos.

We stopped at Chateau d’Estoublon after leaving the Alpilles for more photography and lunch. They make wonderful wines and terrific olive oil, and have a small bistro on the property. Lunch was fabulous – great food and wine, sun and gentle breezes, we ran into the owners of Bistro Decouverte, who were dining there on their day off.

Once we got through with lunch and more photos, we headed to Mausanne and met up with another friend, Guy Knox. He relocated from Tasmania to France a few years ago and now has started a business is handling trees (especially olive) and landscaping; He is also a rental agent and manages the properties he handles. It was nice catching up with Guy as we are thinking about renting a farmhouse next spring.

Then back to Riboto for a wonderful dinner prepared by Jean-Pierre, writing the blog and some photo editing.


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