Sunday, June 19th, 2010

We woke to a beautiful, clear and brisk day. What a nice change in weather from FLA.

We allowed 30 minutes for the cab ride to the Gare de Lyon (train station), so, naturally, there was no traffic and we got there in eight minutes, leaving over an hour to kill before our departure. We opted for a light breakfast at the local bistro – coffee, juice and (of course) pain chocolate (croissant with chocolate inside.) Bev satisfied her betting cravings by wagering what track our train would leave from. We boarded the train and less than three hours later (at 180 mph) we arrived in Avignon, home of the French Popes.

We picked up our rental car at the train station and drove off to our hotel, La Riboto de Taven in Les Baux de Provence. We were excited about seeing our friends and owners of Riboto –Christine, her husband Philippe, and her brother Jean-Pierre.

Before arriving in Les Baux, we stopped for lunch in St. Remy-de-Provence at one of our favorite restaurants, Bistrot Decouverte.  St. Remy was jammed, but fortunately, they had one table left and we grabbed it. David had Beef Tartare and I chose pan-seared Coquille St. Jacques (scallops). Both were delicious, and went perfectly with a chilled bottle of Terre Blanches white wine.

Off to Riboto to see our friends. After a warm welcome, the rest of the afternoon we caught up with what’s happened since our last stay.

Our anniversary dinner started off with Champagne, followed by stuffed zucchini blossoms for both of us. David had Maigre, a fish from Corsica, and I had lamb. Both were fabulous.  We finished the evening talking to Christine, Philippe and Jean-Pierre, and then headed off to bed.


One Response to Sunday, June 19th, 2010

  1. travelingmad says:

    This sounds like a wonderful trip.

    I look forward to exploring more of France if ever I get some free time. I recently moved to France but am so busy with school work that I don’t have much time to venture out.

    You were lucky to have been in Florida. I like the weather there : )

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