Saturday September 25th – Marathon walking

Today I wanted to go to Olivades to get some quilted fabric for the top of our new washer and dryer. It turned out to be a two-plus hour marathon to get there. First we walked from the hotel to the Champs, with a few photos along the way. Then we got a taxi and went to Olivades in the 7th arrondisement, only to find out it wasn’t the fabric store, but their restaurant, which was closed. After more walking, we got to the Metro line that went to the Olivades store in the 6th arrondisement, where we had been before. After a short ride, transfer to another line, and a few more stops, we arrived near the store and walked the short distance to it. Unfortunately, they had nothing that filled the bill, and neither did the nearby Souleido, which carries similar Provencal fabrics. Over two hours for a complete bust! We went to the central market nearby, browsed in hopes of finding something, and ended up with a table at a small Champagne bar where we drank two flutes of rosé Champagne while plotting our next move. 

We opted for dining at a small but excellent bistro – Christine – a short walk away. On arriving, we found that it was directly across from a place we were just talking about where we had eaten many years before, Rotisserie d’en Face. We also found that it was closed. As rain was starting to fall, we picked a small bistro just down the street with an appealing menu and old and welcoming look. The service was friendly, wines reasonable, and food excellent. David had eggs en cocotte (poached in a ramekin with wine and mushrooms) to start, while I opted for a salad with croutons. For a main course, I had scallops on risotto and David went with (what else) Salmon with Wok-cooked vegetables. Both were excellent, as was the 28 Euro bottle of Quincy we had with it. We decided that rather than dinner that night, we would share a tarte tatin (upside down apple tart with caramelized apples). All in all, a terrific find that we will return to.

 After lunch, we meandered back towards the Seine, crossing to the Isle St Louis and then to the Rue de Rivioli, where we caught the Metro back to the Arc de Triomphe. A short stroll from there, and we were back at the Sofitel, where I plunged into working on the blog and photos.

 Tomorrow promises rain. We’ll see, as today was cloudy, showers and pretty nippy. Another good day in Paris.


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