Tuesday September 28th – Rain Day

We woke to overcast and on-and-off-again rainy day with dark grey clouds scudding across the patches of sky between the skyscrapers. Given the dreary weather, we decided to take the day off and try to catch up with our jet lag and our blog and photos. For lunch we went to Sofitel’s restaurant, Gaby. Still operating under a French frame of mind, David choose the salad Nicoise with seared tuna and I selected the “Croque Monsieur with Frites” for my lunch. Amazingly, for all the ten days we just spent in France, neither one of us had frites the entire time. It was nice that the staff at the Sofitel all remembered us and came by our table to say hello, one reason this is our favorite place to stay in NYC. After lunch, we started to stroll around the block until the rain poured again. We opted to return to the hotel and catch up with our blog.


One Response to Tuesday September 28th – Rain Day

  1. Anne Markoe says:

    Bev and David -Thank you so much for this blog and pictures-I felt like I was with you. I was concerned for you both because of the terriorist threats in Paris. That could be why you were delayed in JFK. Call me when you get a chance-I truly love you guys!! Anne

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