Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 — Dining Out

Today was an overcast, cloudy day in the city. But we had a luncheon date at Aureole restaurant with David’s sister, Anne and brother-in-law, David. We were both looking forward to seeing Anne and David. Prior to lunch, I did a quick photo shoot of the art gallery in the Sofitel. It’s a small gallery, and located at the end of the check-in desk. David’s nephew, Matthew, is having an opening on the 8th of October in San Francisco, and I thought this gallery might be a perfect size to display his artwork.

After a great lunch with Anne and David we all walked to Grand Central station to say goodbye. That evening, we had a dinner engagement with friends, Paul and Karen at Terrance Brennan’s restaurant, Picholine. I didn’t take any photos of the food, but I can tell you that everything was just great. Mr. Brennan came to our table twice to chat with us, asking how we liked the food and cheese. It turns out that he has met our friend from Tours, Marc Refabert who owns Small world indeed.

Tomorrow, we leave NYC to fly home. It’s been a wonderful trip!


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