Saturday October 9, 2010 – The Modesto Birthday Bash

Up early on a spectacular day. Brisk and clear, with not a cloud to be seen.

We started the day by walking around the City a bit, with Bev taking photos of all the remarkable scenery, then returned to the MO to pack and get ready for our trip to Modesto for David’s sister Katherine’s birthday party.

After a nice lunch (Dungeness crab and avocado) at the hotel, accompanied by some light, fresh rose , we picked up our rental car to head off to Modesto. We immediately hit a small technological snag, as the car – a brand new Altima – uses a “smart key” which works via a signal it transmits to the car. After trying to stick the key in a variety of places without success, we figured out what was going on, and got the car started, no doubt providing a lot of laughs for the doorman.

Karen, our always faithful GPS, steered us through the countryside, past an endless vista of malls and housing developments, to Modesto. We found and checked into the DoubleTree, our home in Modesto.

After a short nap, it was off to Katherine and Tom’s for the birthday bash. The food and wine were terrific, but best of all it was a chance to see all of David’s nephews – Andy, Tim, and Matthew – along with Tom and Katherine. All are doing well, with Matt’s art opening being very successful, Tim’s success with Justified, and Andy having the #1 recording group in the country (A7X) in his portfolio, and several potential major new finds. Robyn and Alexis – Andy and Tim’s wives – were a delight to be with, as always, and we had the chance to meet Diana, Matt’s new lady (smart, chic, and enjoyable.)

After the birthday party, the boys wanted to head off with “Uncle D and Bev” for some wine, so we wound our way into Modesto and swapped laughs at a terrific wine bar for another hour or so.

Then, as befitting our advanced age, we crashed.


One Response to Saturday October 9, 2010 – The Modesto Birthday Bash

  1. Kay Kenny says:

    The trip sounded OUTRAGEOUS!!! The places, the weather, the food–everything. And witty. I’ll carry your bags any time. I’d love to see more pictures too. The guest chef gig must have been so cool all the way around. And hooking up with Clint must have been so surreal. By the way, you Bev, are very photogenic. You and David would be great on the big silver screen. Love to see more stuff any time. K & M

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