Thursday November 4, 2010 – Wiggy wiggy

As usual, we woke up five minutes before our wake up call. We finished packing, checked out, and headed to La Guardia for our flight.

After the usual hassle of going through security (the TSA person lost my boarding pass, then made me go back to the Delta counter, get another, and go through security again), we headed for the Crown Room to wait for our flight. With bad weather everywhere, there were strong possibilities for delays, but as our flight was an early one, and the equipment had overnighted at LGA, we got out on time. Headwinds and weather made for a very rough flight and a little delay, but we were in Palm Beach almost on time, and soon wheeling our way back to Boca.

Our arrival was greeted by a small dog going wiggy wiggy at the back door, about the nicest welcome home you could imagine. After five-ten minutes of kisses and “talking,” Lucy was confident that we were really home, so relaxed a bit.

We puttered around the house the rest of the day, then went to Sapori for our usual Thursday night meal. As always, the food was terrific – fresh-made ravioli with lobster stuffing, and Marco animated and charming.

After dinner, it was back to wiggy wiggy land, then to bed.


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