Saturday November 20, 2010 – Getting ready for the holidays

We can’t believe that the year-end is upon us and 2010 is slipping away!

With Thanksgiving closing in, and Christmas and New Years not far off, it was time to start putting things together for Thanksgiving Dinner. Craig Deco came over and spent the day getting all the outside lights in place. We’re the first on the block to have them up, and they look terrific. David got all of the outside floodlights working, so the place looks pretty good at night – very cheery and welcoming.

Craig also helped set up the dining room and table for Thanksgiving. Everything looks wonderful – just the right colors, accents, etc. We will be hosting family (Suzanne & John – Darren & Misha – Anne & Jay) and have asked Craig to join us, as he has added so much to the house and is a good friend.

We also did the dreaded shopping. I converted the menu (a traditional one with two turkeys and all the sides) to a shopping list, and checked to see what we had on hand and needed to get. The turkeys and some perishables will be picked up Wednesday, but we got the rest in an hour-long session at Fresh Market. Topping the list, of course, was butter, which is part of every Thanksgiving course. We came home with bags of onions, potatoes, squash, yams, marshmallows, cranberries, vegetables of every type, stuffing mix and sweet sausage, plus a few “ooh” items that looked tasty. Surprisingly, it all fit in the fridge and is now resting waiting to take center stage on Thursday.

David is in charge of wines, and has a terrific selection ready to go for the holidays – Billecart Salmon pink Champagne, a Provence rosé, exceptional Chardonnays from Montelena and Adelsheim, Groth’s always-excellent Sauvignon blanc, Kosta Browne and Adelsheim Pinots, and a Vacqueyras from the southern Rhone – something for everyone. Thanksgiving will start with Champagne, have a choice of a Chardonnay or Sauvignon blanc, plus one of the Pinots for those who prefer reds.

 Wednesday and Thursday will be hectic with all the prep, but we have offers of help, so will get through it ok and enjoy the evening.

Then, after a quick weekend in Las Vegas with David’s nephews and daughter Anne, it will be time to get ready for Christmas.


4 Responses to Saturday November 20, 2010 – Getting ready for the holidays

  1. Anne says:

    Really looking forward to Turkey Day. I’m sure the house looks gorgeous and I know the food will be awesome. Gobble gobble!!

  2. Darren says:

    I agree, the worst about Thanksgiving is the shopping for it and battling the crowds to get all the ingredients. But the food always turns out great and I hope makes up for dreaded shopping.

  3. Deb says:

    Bev and David- your Thanksgiving journey sounds like great food, great wine and great company. We send our love – Enjoy the day,

    cuz Deb

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