Thursday, April 28 2011 — Z-z-z-z

The flight to Paris was smooth and arrived on time at 8:45 am. After retrieving our luggage we met Gilles, our limo driver, to drive us into Paris. The weather was a typical  for April, overcast and very cool. We are only staying overnight before we catch the train tomorrow afternoon to Avignon. We arrived at our favorite hotel, Le Lavoisier (, over an hour later, as traffic was horrific. Once there, we were warmly greeted by Lavoisier’s staff, Ludovic, Fabienne, and Nisha. They have become our friends as we met them virtually first day we stayed at the hotel 11 years ago. Both Nisha and Ludovic’s children will be 10 years old soon. Time is flying by. We had breakfast featuring my favorite, Pain du Chocolat. Once finished, we were given key to our room, 66, which was located on the top floor with nice views. I thought we’d take a quick nap then hit the streets of Paris for a few hours before dinner at Dominique Bouchet (  Those few minutes turned int0 six hours, leaving just enough time to shower, change, and head out for dinner.

Bouchet’s is normally the last place we have dinner before heading back to Florida, but this time it is the first. It’s a favorite of ours and within walking distance of Le Lavoisier. Once seated, the maitre ‘d, Yann, welcomed us back with a Kir and a few appetizers. Once we ordered, we were in for a wonderful meal, with two gifts from the chef as a welcome back, an amusee bouche and a surprise dish, shrimp tempura with horseradish and soy sauce dips. Dinner was wonderful, especially Bouchet’s signature ‘pomme puree’. Potatoes don’t get any better than this.

We strolled back to the hotel as we have an early wake-up call for dialysis at the American Hospital.


2 Responses to Thursday, April 28 2011 — Z-z-z-z

  1. Darren F. Gideon says:

    Is “Dominique Bouchet” the restaurant we all went to when Anne and I were in Paris with you (the day before we flew back to the states)?

  2. David and Beverly Gideon says:

    I think that was La Table Robuchon – Joel Robuchon’s place.

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