Wednesday, April 27, 2011 – Off to Paris

After finishing dialysis, I headed home to tend to a few items and finish packing. Despite having two-and-a-half months to replace the downstairs floor and repair the damage done when our water heater let go, the usual work delays stretched out the work time until almost the moment of our departure. Thank God for Craig, who pitched in for long hours to get everything back in place once the flooring, painting, and trim work were completed.

I took the occasion of the repairs to make some updates and changes – new colors in the foyer, den, living room, dining room, and bath – plus a flat screen TV over the mantle (which hopefully means more time in the living room), and a complete re-do of the den, with the removal of the desk/bookshelf unit which took up an entire wall. The latter has given a whole new appearance to the den. Overall, I am very happy with the new look.

At 2:30, the car service picked us up for the trip to Miami International. Our flight left virtually on time, and was unusually smooth – virtually no turbulence en route. We pecked at the in-flight meals, which were pretty mediocre, then tried to get some sleep before our arrival in Paris.


3 Responses to Wednesday, April 27, 2011 – Off to Paris

  1. Darren F. Gideon says:

    I do love the new color scheme in your rooms. Then again I have always been partial to red and purple tones.

  2. David and Beverly Gideon says:

    Thanks, it was a lot of work but am thrilled with the end result.

  3. Darren F. Gideon says:

    I am sure and I am sure that while it was a pain to get it done it will be nice to come home to a finished house after your trip. Instead of a house still under renovations.

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