Tuesday, May 3, 2011 — Oink! Oink! Off to Salon de Provence

Off to dialysis in Salon de Provence which is about a half hour away. My time is 7:30 a.m. so we left at around 6:40 a.m., not knowing  what the traffic would be like.  The first thing we ran into was a big dog, no – a cow, No! it was a sizeable wild boar. And I mean a large boar. It could have easily taken out the front of the car. Luckily, it ran across the road and back into the bush. Sorry, but I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough.

As there was little traffic, we arrived early and got my treatment started early. My seat-mate, Michel, is trying to learn English and also trying (to no avail) to teach me French. In any event, we keep the doctor and nurses smiling. The clinic has only been operating for the past two years so the chairs are cushy and luxurious. All stations have a flat-screen TVs and the dialysis machines are state-of-the-art.

David picked me up and we planned to try lunch in the small village of Senas. We had driven through it  on our way to Salon, and it looked like it might be a nice spot. Once we got out of the car and strolled around, we realized this wasn’t the quaint village we thought. It had two pizza shops, both closed, and an iffy bar serving beer and sandwiches. Back in the car. We decided to find a restaurant we tried to dine at two years ago, but couldn’t because it was always full. Of course, we couldn’t quite remember where it was so we drove through a couple of towns with no luck. We decided to head back to Eygalieres and came across the village of Molleges. We recognized that this was where the restaurant, Mas du Capoun, was located. A street looked familiar, so we drove down it and were surprised to find the restaurant, once again packed. Despite that, we strolled into the covered courtyard where they serve lunch and we found they had one table for two open. We were seated by a friendly woman who turned out to be the wife of the chef/owner, and proceeded to have a delightful lunch.

I started off with a carpaccio of tomato topped with toasted ciabatta and goat cheese, served in a fig vinaigrette. David’s appetizer was spinach ravioli with sausage and mushrooms. Both were exceptional – light, delicious, and presented well. We both ordered the pave de saumon, which David – who orders salmon almost daily – thought was as good as he has had in a long time. It was fresh, moist, and flavorful, served with a light dill sauce and cauliflower. The fixed price lunch came with a choice of dessert or cheese, and coffee. David had the cheese, a selection of three excellent ones.  Everything was delicious, one of the best lunches we’ve had in this region, and the amazing part was that the price for the “menu,” including a bottle of sparkling water and two glasses of wine per person was just 22 Euros! No wonder it’s always jammed. As we left, we chatted with the chef’s wife, to tell her how much we enjoyed everything. She said they had moved here from Belgium eight years ago and were now running this small hotel/restaurant. She hoped we’d return, and we assured her we would.

As it was getting stormy, we decided to return to Eygalieres for coffee at the Cafe du Centre while waiting for the stores to open for the afternoon. We relaxed and people watched for a bit, then did our shopping and headed back to the mas.

We had a chicken that we bought on Saturday, so decided to roast it with carrots, onion, celery, and olive oil. We won’t eat it tonight, as we’re still full from lunch, but the mas is now full of wonderful aromas, and the kitchen will be there tomorrow for us – a ready-made dinner.

Tomorrow we hope to head north to Chateauneuf du Pape and Mount Ventoux for wine tasting and sightseeing.


2 Responses to Tuesday, May 3, 2011 — Oink! Oink! Off to Salon de Provence

  1. Dottie and Bobbie says:

    Sounds like you people are really enjoying yourselves.
    Glad you are having lots of fun trying the different menues.

    Miss your phone calls.

  2. David and Beverly Gideon says:

    We are having a great time and enjoying the food immensely.

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