Friday, May 6, 2011 – Market day and malaise

I woke this morning with my innards in a turmoil, probably from not eating a proper dinner last night.

After eating some breakfast pastries in hopes of settling my stomach, it was off to the Eygalieres market. The entire main street (all two blocks of it) is shut down for traffic and lined with booths selling food, oils, wines, honey, produce, soaps, clothes, fabrics, hats, plants, and antiques. Everyone in this tiny village of 900 souls comes to shop and socialize.

We bought some wonderful lettuce, bread and pastries, tapenade, and sliced jambon blanc (ham), then sat down at the Cafe du Centre for an iced tea while my stomach resumed flip-flopping. We learned our lesson re market day a few years back here when – enthralled by all of the wonderful foods and produce – we bought too much and ended up leaving a fridge full of tapenades, cheeses, eggplants, and more. With two weeks left to stay, we bought what we needed for the upcoming few days, knowing that Wednesday is market day in St. Remy, then Friday in Eygalieres again.

After the market, we headed back to the mas to unload our bounty, stopping along the way to deposit our glass, plastic, and garbage in the recycling location. Then, it was off to St. Remy to stroll around and grab a bite of lunch.

We were lucky to find a parking place on the main boulevard, and hopped out to walk around. My stomach was on the fritz again, so we decided to grab a table at La Cigalon, a charming small restaurant, to relax. We both started with an Italian salad – sort of a caprese plus prosciutto – then I had an entrecote (cooked bleu, as always) and David had (surprise) pave du saumon (I think he will start growing gills soon.) The meal was light and simple, and filled the bill of putting me back on the track to a stable stomach…at least for a bit. Maybe I should have passed on the Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence wine we ordered, or the humongous dessert that I splurged on (a Dame Blanche – ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate) as by the time we were ready to leave, my stomach was again in an uproar.

So, I headed back to the car while David went to the “Petit Casino” market to see if he could find “Cure Dents” (toothpicks for serving food). Despite stopping at several potential sources, he had no luck, so we decided we’d get them on our next stop at the Intermarche and headed home.

Once back in the mas, I spent some time working on the blog, and turned in early. Hopefully all will be better tomorrow.


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