Wednesday, May 11, 2011 — Lazy Day

Not knowing if we were going to the marche (market day) in Arles or St.-Remy, we tried to get our day organized early. We needed to get to Salon-de-Provence to have the window replaced at 11 am, so as time elapsed with morning activities, the marches were out of the question. Jack and Betty decided to sun/read by the pool and David and I headed off a bit early to Salon to have the car window replaced. We would meet back at the house and go somewhere to have lunch together.

David tuned the address into our GPS, Camilla,  to get us to our appointment quickly and efficiently. After winding through the streets of Salon for a bit, we were within 400 yards of our destination when the “Route Barre” (street closed) saw horses confronted us. Instead of Camilla giving us an alternate route all she did was keep telling us to turn around. David tried to revert to his Navy navigator mode, using the sun and time of day to figure where we needed to go, but through sheer luck we wound our way into the delivery area of the “Geant Casino” (Giant Casino – a major supermarket) that we had been given as a landmark. After checking out the surrounding streets, we finallyfound CarGlass, and turned the car over to a friendly manager who told us the repair would be done by noon.

Rather than wait in the garage, we decided to walk to the Casino, just a couple of minutes away. The place was enormous, probably 3/4 of an acre, with more cold storage than I have ever seen, plus meat, cheese, dairy products, wine, produce, and seafood departments. Very impressive. We wandered arround taking it all in while we looked for “cure dents” (toothpicks) for serving appetizers at the house. We finally found them next to the toothpaste, and made our way to the cashier, outside, and then back to CarGlass. David paid up, and it was off to Eygalieres.

Rather than wind back through Salon and fight the barricade and winding streets, we headed west and went home via the “over the mountains” route, which took about the same time, but was infinitely more scenic.

Jack and Betty hopped in the car and we headed for Chateau d”Estoublon near Fontvielle, which has a nice bistro in a tree-shaded setting. As luck would have it, the bistro is closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so after wandering around the grounds a bit, we drove on to Maussane, one of our favorite small villages.

In Maussane we found new restaurants, and almost everything open for lunch. We decided to eat in the town square, and got a table at the le Coin Gourmand (the corner gourmand).  Jack and Betty shared a half bottle of Mas de la Dame red wine, made just up the road, while David and I shared a white from Eygalieres.T he lunch was light and casual, perfect for a lazy day.

Afterwards we drove through St. Remy and then home. We decided to eat in, so did some prepping, then retired to the Petanque court adjacent to the house for a game.  Fueled by a few glasses of wine, we had a terrific hard-fought match, then retired to the kitchen to prepare our dinner.

We started with a homemade chicken soup, which was excellent, then followed with a salad with ultra-fresh local lettuce, tomatoes, and endive, laced with Emmenthal cheese, avocado, small shrimp, and lardon (great name for smoked bacon). It was a perfect end to a lazy day, and after Jack finished the dishes, we turned in, as tomorrow they leave for Paris.


2 Responses to Wednesday, May 11, 2011 — Lazy Day

  1. Dottie and Bobbie says:

    You and David look great.

    Are you trying to make us jealous with the picture of the eggplant????

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