Friday, May 20, 2011 – Time to pack

Today was spent getting everything ready for our trip back to Paris tomorrow.

We washed clothes, packed, lightened the luggage, and cleaned the house. The refrigerator looks empty, as does the table where we normally keep our emergency 12-bottle stock of wine. I guess we have a real fixation on neat, clean, and orderly, as we are going home with basically everything washed and ironed in our luggage. We’re leaving a box here with stuff in it for our possible return in the Fall or Spring – hair dryers, shampoo, soap, insect repellant…

The mas looks wonderful. Patrick, the new resident groundskeeper, and Guy, the property manager have gotten the garden trimmed and really looking great. coupled with the incredible growth of everything over the last two weeks, everything looks glorious.

We went into Eygalieres to the recycling center to drop off our glass, plastic, and paper, and then on for a last drive for some photography. We took a road that we had considered as a possible route to the dialysis center – a small road that winds up through the Alpilles. While it is the shortest in distance, our 45 minute drive on it convinced us that we were smart to have opted for a longer route with bigger roads. The views were gorgeous, but the road is windy, bumpy, and narrow. Rather than our normal 30-min drive, this would have taken at least an hour. I got some nice shots, then we headed home, past Domaine Valdition, and on to Eygalieres.

Tomorrow, up at 6:30 am, turn in remains of car at 8:30, and train to Paris at 9:30.


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