Thursday, May 19, 2011 — Winding Down

Up early and off to Salon-de-Provence to the dialysis clinic for what will be my last visit before heading back to Paris on Saturday morning. We had purchased a box of 48 chocolates in a store in St-Remy, Joel Durand, to bring as a thank you for the staff and Doctor for their wonderful care. They all thanked me and thought the chocolate was wonderful. Dr. Esposito came running back with thank yous and compliments on the chocolate, as well. Once my treatment was over we settled up the bill and lab expenses, said our goodbyes and headed back to Eygalieres.

After the disastrous dinner the night before, we were both pretty hungry so we headed out to L’Aubergine in Eygalieres for lunch. The owner was happy to see us again. We had a lovely lunch and for the first time since arriving in France we were served frites (French fries) with our meal. Heavenly! After bidding ‘au revoir’ to the owner we headed back to the mas before driving back over the Alpilles to say our goodbyes to Philippe, Christine, Jean-Pierre and of course our newest doggy friend, Fred.

While coming through the gap from St. Remy, we encountered a car/truck accident. Fortunately it appeared no one was injured as everyone involved was out of their vehicles with arms flailing trying to blame each other for the mishap. Once we got through the traffic back-up we easily made our way to Riboto. Just as we turned onto the small street that leads to Riboto, we saw a doggie playing and towing a lady behind him – Fred & Christine. She said they would be at Riboto in a minute, and we headed to the lot where we were greeted by Philippe. David gave him several bottles of wine as a thank you for all of their hospitality, and then Fred and Christine arrived.

We sat outside with everyone including Fred. We had a glass of pink Champagne and a nice visit with our good friends and I was presented  a gift, “Cahiers du Cuisine” (Notebook of the Kitchen) . I was touched and will treasure my notebook. When I get home I will start filling in some of my recipes, and hopefully some from Jean-Pierre, like his avocado and smoked salmon dish.. It was time to say our goodbyes and drive back over the Alpilles. The next time we hope to see our friends in Florida and cook a few recipes together. Then it was back to the mas to organize a few things. We were still full from lunch, so simply had a salad for dinner, and then turned in.

Tomorrow it is time to pack.


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