Thursday, October 6, 2011 – Paris in the Rain

We had an 8 am call at the American Hospital in Paris for dialysis. We arrived and were warmly greeted by the head nurse Laura, and Dr. Baudeau. Although my normal treatment is 3:15 minutes Dr. Baudeau said, “You are in Paris, nothing less than 3:45 minutes for you. You drink wine, you eat, you enjoy your stay!”

Once treatment was over, David arrived and we decided to go to the Pont de l’Alma for lunch. It had stopped raining just in time to catch the taxi driver from hell. The ride wasn’t too bad until we reached the traffic circle at the Arc d’Triomphe. I started praying and thought we were buying the farm. At one point we were almost turned around going in the opposite direction. Once he exited the traffic circle around the Arc, he said, “Il fait”, it’s done. Well, I thought we were done. He then careened down the hill in pouring rain, laying on the horn all the way. We begged, “drop us off here, we’ll walk, ” but it appeared he was deaf, too. We finally exited at the Place d l’Alma.

The rain started getting heavy so we opted for a nearby cafe, La Mascotte on Ave du President Wilson. It was jammed packed and the outside menu didn’t have photos of the food, so we thought it was a safe place to eat. Our rule is — if the outdoor menu has full-colored pictures of the food don’t eat there. We both had a simple lunch, entrecote for me (cooked bleu) and steak tartare for David.

That evening, we had reservations at Dominique Bouchet, one of our favorite restaurants in Paris. We met Yann, the maitre ‘d, at the door along with chef/owner Bouchet. We exchanged pleasantries and had a fantastic dinner and superb service. David ordered a bottle of Clos de Vougeot blanc, a white Burgundy that was incredible. I started with beignets of shrimp, light and tasty. David had l’oeuf avec champignons – a quail egg on a bed of wild mushrooms. I then had macaroni (like large rigatoni) stuffed with lobster, and David had cod. Both were incredible. For dessert, David went with a plate of artisanal cheeses, while I had a soufflé. Look at the photos to see why we like Bouchet’s food so much.

After dinner, we walked back to the hotel as we needed to check in early at the train station to travel to Avignon.


2 Responses to Thursday, October 6, 2011 – Paris in the Rain

  1. We just got back from a trip to Burgundy and had a marvelous Clos de Vougeot for one of our meals as well. Fabulous. Of course, ours was the more “usual” pinot noir –a 2005 to be precise.

  2. Bev says:

    I’m sure it was a fabulous wine. The blanc is hard to find, but wonderful when you do.

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