Wednesday, October 5, 2011 – bienvenue a Paris

We had a smooth flight across the pond and arrived a half-hour early. The 777 picked up a tail wind and, compared to flying out of Miami, this was a very short flight indeed. We breezed through immigration, luggage, and security quickly. The ride to the hotel was fairly quick with very light traffic. Once checked in, we opted to try to un-jetlag by taking a short snooze, which worked well.

We awoke and got ready to look for a restaurant for dinner. We are always looking for our next meal! We decided to take a walk and see what was available. There are quite a few new choices just since we were last here in May.

We stopped and had a kir vin blanc at Huitieme, a small cafe near the hotel, to celebrate our first day in France. We looked over the menu, but decided to check other restaurants. We  tried to get into Bistrot du Sommelier, but it was totally booked. We ended up at a new restaurant, La Sauvage,  What a gem of a place. Instead of a menu, you are asked to choose from a three or five-course dinner to be designed by the chef (a protegé of Joel Robuchon who apprenticed at l’Atelier Robuchon). The server asks if you have any things you are allergic to or don’t like, and viola! the chef prepares some of the best food we’ve eaten in Paris. I was shocked that David told the server he didn’t have any dislikes. I’d love to see his face if ‘rognons’ came out, beef kidneys. We started with croquettes of cheeses from Normandy, savory Camembert and Livarot, fried in a delicate batter, on a bed of diced apples (another product from Normandy). Following this, we were served a delicate cod, done perfectly. All in all, a wonderful meal.

Being stuffed, we walked back to the hotel and retired for the evening. Tomorrow is an early call for dialysis.


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