Saturday, October 8, 2011- Easy Day

Six thirty came early. It was black outside when we got up and got dressed to head out to Salon de Provence.

Philippe and Fred were up and about, and greeted us with a cup of coffee. We chatted for a bit, then headed off. The drive was smooth – not much traffic early on a Saturday morning. With the exception of David almost getting broadsided by a car he didn’t see coming at an intersection, the trip was quick and uneventful.

I was greeted by Otilia, the head nurse at ATMIR, the doctor, and a couple of shift-mates who were there the last time I visited. In short order, my TV was on, and I was watching French game shows ( a nine-letter version of “Lingo”) and then the France-UK rugby match, which France won.

David headed back to the mas, put our bags in the house, and then did some shopping, picking up a few items we missed on Friday, plus fresh pastries (allumettes and pain au chocolat) and baguettes. He also headed down the road a few kilometers to Domaine Valdition to pick up some wines, olives, and their excellent tapenade. Before you know it, it was time for him to come and get me, and he pulled up just as I walked out the door. Perfect timing.

We headed back to Eygalieres, and decided to have lunch, as it was approaching 1 pm. We checked out La Petite Table’s new digs (which didn’t look all that great) and found that they were closed on Saturdays for lunch. So, we strolled down the street to Aubergine, another favorite. With the colder weather, their outdoor terrace was not open, but they were servicing inside, so we hopped in.

The off-season luncheon menu is short, but appealing. We both chose the same thing: an autumn salad with mushrooms and Iberico ham to start, followed by scallops as a main course. David chose a bottle of Costebonne rosé to go with the meal.

After a leisurely lunch, we strolled back to the car, which David had parked in Portugal for some reason, and then headed back to the mas to catch up on some clothes washing and organizing.

Neither of us was terribly hungry, so we just made a sandwich jambon for dinner, washed down with some Domaine Valdition white wine. We watched a bit of TV, then turned in.


2 Responses to Saturday, October 8, 2011- Easy Day

  1. Deb says:

    Love your France journey- but sure hoping Sunday’s dinner was not a direct relative to Roxie! Enjoy

    Hugs, Cuz Deb – cool painting

  2. David and Beverly Gideon says:

    As a matter of fact yes, her sister. Ha-Ha! Only kidding.

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