Sunday, October 9, 2011 – Art Fair in St-Remy

We woke to a breezy and beautiful day. Tried to catch up our blog and are getting closer.

We decided to go to St. Remy to snoop around and get lunch. When we arrived, we found that there was an art fair going on, with booths in the main square and on the boulevards. We found our favorite restaurant – Bistrot Decouverte was closed, so strolled a bit further on the Boulevard, until we came to a new place – Chez Gus. This recently opened spot is a coquillage, meaning that it specializes in shellfish. The menu looked good, so we grabbed a table on the sidewalk and ordered. On the advice of the server, both of us ordered the special, scallops on a bed of vegetables with a curry sauce. David ordered a bottle of wine and I hopped up to check out the artist whose booth was adjacent to the restaurant.

I had seen his work before some years back when David’s niece Kyra Ramsey and her husband visited us in Les Baux. We all liked his style at that time, somewhat similar to Michel Delacroix. Our food arrived, so I sat down to enjoy the meal.

When we were done, I again strolled over to the booth of Jean Michel Frossard and looked around. One painting caught my eye, and in short order, I had negotiated a deal and were the proud owners of one of his works. He wants exposure in the U.S., and has a website ( so gave us nine small prints that we can give to people when we get home. The normally would have cost us five euros each, so it was a nice plus.

Back to the car, and the mas, to relax. Then it was time to prep the chicken we got for dinner. Carrots, celery, onions, potatoes, and some stuffing inside did the trick to make it a delectable meal.


6 Responses to Sunday, October 9, 2011 – Art Fair in St-Remy

  1. Bob & Dot says:

    You folks know how to make people hungry.

    Dottie and Bobbie

    • Angela says:

      Hello you two.
      We feel like we are there with you. Thanks so much for taking the time and sharing. It must be great to go back to your favorite places and be welcomed while making new discoveries and memories.
      Love to you both.
      Angela & Nick

    • David and Beverly Gideon says:

      Thanks and you would have loved the art fair. It was a lot of fun to walk around. Best, B&D

    • David and Beverly Gideon says:

      Yum-m-m the food is so good! B&D

  2. Helen Kidd says:

    Hi you two.
    So glad you are in France….know how much you love it. My mouth waters every time I read your blog and now with the description of the art fair my other senses are itching! Continue to enjoy.
    Much love, Helen xx

  3. David and Beverly Gideon says:

    Hi: Happy Birthday to you! We’ll be in Provence for another week then to Paris for 2 days and back home. Weather has been spectacular for October. xoxo B&D

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