Tuesday, October 11, 2011 – Has a virus struck?

Up at 6:40. It is darker at this time than it was when we were here in May and the morning light would wake us. Puttered around for a few minutes, then off to dialysis in Salon de Provence.

I was feeling “off” this morning, so David gave me some Cold Eeze in case a cold was coming on. The symptoms were multiple, in my stomach and throat.

David headed off to St. Remy to pick up some things for the house and for dinner tomorrow with Christine and Philippe. I went to sleep and only awoke after about three-hours, still feeling off. David sent me a text saying that he had found the shrimp at the fish monger in St. Remy, but when he got home to start cleaning them, he realized they were already cooked. Oops! At home we get Key West pink shrimp, so the pink color of these shrimp didn’t sound an alarm, especially seeing as they were fresh-caught, head-on. I’ll have to see if I can work with them without overcooking, or we’ll have to find “crevettes crues” (uncooked shrimp) tomorrow.

David showed up at noon, still fretting about the shrimp. I convinced him not to worry, and suggested that we go St. Remy to get my glasses and a bite to eat. The town parking was jammed, but we found a place near the church and strolled to Bistrot Decouverte, one of our favorites, where we got a table. The weather continues to get more glorious, so we sat outside on the terrace. David strolled down the street to pick up my glasses, and once again found both stores closed…

David had his favorite here, tartare de boeuf, while I opted for a veal Milanese. Once again, we opted for a bottle of Domaine Valdition rosé. The owner looked harried, no doubt because we had heard that his chef was struck by a hit-and-run driver and was in the hospital. The meal from the kitchen was okay, but not up to its usual level. The chef’s absence clearly has had an impact.

David chatted with the owner for a bit, and asked why Bistro Mogador at Chateau Estoublon had closed in mid-September. He found that the folks operating it had been on a one year contract, and – although they got great reviews and built the business – they and the owner had decided not to renew the agreement. He said she had approached him to run the place for the upcoming year, but he decided not to do it.

The bill came, and the owner told David that his card probably wouldn’t go through, as France Telecom was on strike, which explained why the ATMs weren’t working and we had trouble with the web that morning. He said we could come back another time to pay, but David paid in cash and we moved on. I commented to David that at dialysis the TV had said that the TGV (high-speed rail network) would be going on strike from October 29th to November 2nd. France is continually shut down by strikes, which spur sympathy strikes, which shut down the country. There are less of them than before, but still enough to cripple transportation, banking, communications, and the like for a few days each month.

We headed back to the mas, my stomach and throat becoming increasingly worse. I took a brief nap to see if I should shake whatever was ailing me, then we headed down to the Café de Centre for a cup of tea in hopes that it would soothe my throat. Patrick, the caretaker, was at the next table, so we invited him to join us for a glass of wine, and had a delightful evening. My appetite was gone, so David made me a jambon and Emmenthal sandwich and I turned in early. Hopefully, I can shake this thing off.


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