Saturday and Sunday – October 15-16, 2011 – Picture-perfect and Birthday

Saturday – Heading out the door at 6:45am it was a chilly 10 degrees Celsius, but by the time David came to pick me up at 12:30, it was a gorgeous day with temps around 22 and blue skies. Although it was a picture-perfect day, David was feeling low and caught whatever I had earlier in the week. I know he wasn’t feeling well so we just drove to the village and had a nice lunch at L’Aubergine. We decided to catch up on house stuff, wash and ironing. Basically, just to veg out. We didn’t see Roxie today. Hope she is okay.

Sunday – Woke to a great day and plenty of birthday wishes from everyone. It really kicked off my day to a great start! Unfortunately, David wasn’t feeling much better, but had a big cup of tea and said he was improving. He certainly sounded better. He started taking a Z-Pack so I’m hoping it will kick in quickly. Our plans for the day were to do a little touring around the countryside, then have dinner at Riboto-de-Taven. We drove to the Abbaye de Silvacane and toured around. It is very impressive, and very stark. A Cistercian-era building that goes back about 1,000 years – sort of like Delray Beach. I took quite a few photos, so check them out when you have a chance. On our way back, we  stopped in Pont Royal and had a kir at Da Bastide du Pont Royal. We finished and returned to the farmhouse.

Later we drove over the mountain pass to Riboto-de-Taven to have dinner. Chef Jean-Pierre outdid himself from appetizers to dessert. Philippe plucked a rare bottle of 1997 Drouhin Beaune Clos du Mouches from his cellar for our wine. It was wonderful, and we prevailed on Philippe to share a glass with us.  The dining room was busy, so it was at the end of the dinner that I opened the gift given to me by Christine, Philippe, and Jean-Pierre. How ironic was it that they gave me a cookbook of recipes and secrets from the monasteries of France, as we had just been to one earlier. Philippe thinks that we are all on the same wave-length. I think so too.

Before heading off to bed, I checked in on the status of the Gurus football pool and discovered I had won this week. What a great way to end a beautiful birthday. It couldn’t have been more perfect!


2 Responses to Saturday and Sunday – October 15-16, 2011 – Picture-perfect and Birthday

  1. Bob & Dot says:

    Really happy that you had a great birthday.

    Dottie and Bobbie

  2. Craig Gottschall says:

    I got online! Happy Belated Birthday, Bev! Hope all is well, and hope you’re feeling better very soon, David.
    Lucy says Ruff-Ruff and Arf-Arf(trans: Happy Birthday and Get Well Soon!)…


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