Thursday, October 20, 2011 – Last day in Eygalieres

Morning greeted us with a kitchen full of dishes from the previous night. We decided to try the dishwasher (which is a Miele) and it did a fabulous job. David washed up a couple of pans and the place was looking spic and span again.

Driving back from the clinic in Salon, we decided to try to get a table at Mas du Capoun in Molleges for lunch. We have really liked the food there, and the folks who own it are delightful. While David topped of the MB with gazole, I tried to call them, but no answer. An e-mail also got no reply. We were only three kilometers away, so decided just to drop in. As we pulled up, we recognized the reason for the lack of response was they weren’t open. Our other options were to drive into St-Remy or Eygalieres to have lunch, and we opted for Eygalieres as it was nearing 1 pm. As we had eaten at L’Aubergine several time we chose La Petite Table. We had dinner there earlier in the week so we thought we’d give it a whirl for lunch and hoped it was open. We found that is was, and were seated at the same table, “votre table” as the hostess called it.  David ordered the roasted cod and I had the squab — both delicious. To top off the meal I had the chocolate mini-cake with the melted chocolate inside. What a way to finish your lunch.

We had been putting it off, but it was getting down to the 13th hour and we needed to pack our things for the train back to Paris. We reluctantly went back to the farmhouse and started to get our things in order. Once we felt everything was almost done, we invited the property manager, Patrick, who we very much enjoy, to stop by, have a glass of wine and say our goodbyes. And we also bid farewell to Roxie and her two new chicken friends too, spreading pieces of baguette around their coop.

We had a bit to eat, double-checked everything and turned in early as we had an 10 am train to catch in the morning.


One Response to Thursday, October 20, 2011 – Last day in Eygalieres

  1. Lisa LaPato says:

    Thank you for sharing. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m so pleased to hear about your adventures!

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