Sunday, December 20, 2011 through Christmas — Deck the Halls!

Thanksgiving came and went, then it was on to decorating the house for Christmas.  In the few weeks that followed, we had Craig decorate the house inside and out, which gave me time to wrap all the gifts and put the finishing touches and bows on each. The lights and decorations make the house look so festive and inviting. We had a busy Christmas season with buying gifts, hosting an Open House cocktail party, putting out Christmas Eve dinner, and then we were invited to Jeff and Dawn’s for a delightful Christmas dinner.

Sunday, December 18th we hosted a Christmas Open House for 50+ friends and family. We were worried about the weather, but the day turned out to be as perfect as you could get – temperatures in mid-70s and clear as a bell with great easterly breezes. We were up early as we had still a lot of last-minute things that needed to be done. The Open House was from 3 to 7 which gave guests time to come and go as they pleased. All our invitees stopped by at some point, enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, wine and cocktails, and small talk. We put out a variety of finger foods and desserts. David made his jerk chicken and jerk swordfish (at my request) and everyone raved about the swordfish. It had a bite and was quite tasty. Our friend Patrick McDonald and his wife attended, and he played guitar and sang, which everyone really enjoyed.  Then he switched from entertainer to guest and relaxed with some good food and wine. The four hours went all too quickly and it was time to call it a day.

Christmas Eve came quickly and it was time to leave for Suanne and Brad’s cocktail party. Their home was decorated for Christmas with four or five trees lit and candles galore. Typical Suanne, her table was set buffet-style and laden with seafood selections, lobster dip, and even pigs-in-the-blanket for the grandkids. Suanne and Brad’s kids, grands, and friends were arriving, but unfortunately time passed quickly and we needed to get home as we were hosting Christmas Eve dinner for Darren, Michelle, Anne, and Jay.  We served our traditional Christmas Eve dinner, a Chateaubriand, with garlic mashed potatoes, green beans, snap peas, and lemon-honey roasted carrots. Everyone loved it, and there were few leftovers. With dinner over, we all went to the family room where we exchanged presents. At about 11 we all wished each other a Merry Christmas and a goodnight.

Christmas Day rolled around and we finished the clean-up of wrapping paper, boxes, etc. I made green beans to bring over the Jeff and Dawn’s, as we were invited for Christmas dinner, Lucy too. We arrived and Hallie, Jeff and Dawn’s Chihuahua and Lucy’s best friend, greeted us at the door. Both she and Lucy raced around the house happy to see each other. All the Outcalt family was there, Tina, Cheryl & Jake, Holly & Terry, the boys, Colton, Hunter and Hunter’s friend, Lauren. Dawn made a beautiful prime rib dinner with plenty of sides. The food, wine, and company were all terrific, and we had a nice time. Thorougly stuffed, we drove home, toasted each other and Lucy with a glass of wine, and turned in as I must be up up early in the morning. It was a great Christmas!


One Response to Sunday, December 20, 2011 through Christmas — Deck the Halls!

  1. Betty says:

    Wish we were there. Looks beautiful!

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