Friday, May 11, 2012 – Market day in Eygalieres

Market day in our little village is a delight.

The block-long main street is closed to traffic so that scores of booths can be set up, selling everything from produce, olives, cheese and meats to fabrics, plants and knickknacks.

We grabbed our Intermarche shopping bag and headed into the village. First stop was the produce stall with garden-fresh fruits and veggies. I got all that we needed – lettuces, onions, garlic, etc. – and (reluctantly) passed on the fresh green, white, and purple asparagus that is now in season. We’ll have it a bit later with a roasted chicken.

Then it was time for cheeses – aged Comte, Reblochon, Emmenthal for sandwiches, Roquefort, St. Marcellin, and Italian Parmigiano. At the olive stand I got black olive and artichoke tapenades, and David picked out an anchoiade (garlic and anchovies). David waited patiently at the little booth that sells smoked meats and salmon, as they had a fantastic pave du saumon that I thought we could cook for dinner. I checked out more booths while David waited as the animated gentleman at the booth sliced and talked and served great looking smoked ham and salmon. With success in sight, the woman before him in line bought the last pave. Ah well! Another time.

We strolled to the Cafe du Centre, pulled up two chairs, put down our bags, and Chrystelle appeared with a carafe of wine. We relaxed in the sun (the weather was glorious), and people watched for a bit. David popped into the boulangerie for a baguette and some breakfast pastry. The young woman behind the counter recognized him and welcomed him back to Eygalieres.

We decided to have lunch at Aubergine, a nice restaurant just off the main street – the food and wine are always good. David started with fresh green asparagus with ham. I passed on the starter and went right for the scallops, which were wonderful – perfectly done. I could not help myself and ordered frites to go with the scallops. David had tuna, also perfectly done, with sautéed spinach. A bottle of chilled Mas St. Berthe rosé from Les Baux was perfect with the meal.

The couple that sat next to us turned out to be from Belgium, with a vacation home in Maussane – one of our favorite villages. we hope to meet them later in our trip in Maussane for a glass of wine in the square.

After lunch we returned to the Mas to put our purchases away and puttered the afternoon away getting everything organized.

Later it was back to town for dinner at La Petite Table, a nice restaurant that we have been to several times before. It is owned by a Belgian family that moved here a few years back. Papa is in the kitchen, and mom and the kids take care of the patrons. The meal was – as always – superb. They should be candidates for a Michelin star. I had a wonderful cut of beef, while David opted for Merlan (fish). Everything was done perfectly, with a very creative presentation. A bottle of Romanin rosé went well with everything, and we returned home full and happy.


2 Responses to Friday, May 11, 2012 – Market day in Eygalieres

  1. Bob & Dot says:

    Glad to hear you arrived in France and are settling down. We look forward to your trip.

  2. Peter Payerli says:

    Sounds like you’re off to a great start. It all sounds so magical. I’m hearing the soundtrack tod Beauty & the Beast in my head as you describe the market! Enjoy your adventures together!

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