Wednesday – Thursday, May 9-10, 2012 – Off we go to Paris

Lucy knew we were leaving as the dreaded “black bags” were by the front door. We tried to bribe her with treat-treats, but she ignored them to follow us around.

At about 9:20, the town car showed up, and it was time to leave. More treat-treats and a bunch of kisses, and we headed off to Miami.

No traffic, so we arrived quickly at the Delta terminal and checked our bags to CDG. Killed some time in the Crown Room, then it was off to JFK. The flight arrived early, so we strolled to the International terminal, cleared security, and ensconced ourselves in the Air France lounge next to our gate. We had three hours to kill, but the time passed quickly and soon we were on board and on our way.

In-flight meals continue to get worse, and this one was no exception. We both opted for salmon, which tasted like it had died of natural causes. After a bite or two, and some salad, we passed on the rest of the meal and it was time to try to get some sleep. I took an Ambien, and actually got about six hours of good sleep, waking about an hour before our landing.

We arrived at 7:15 am on Thursday morning at the “new” Air France terminal, which is so far from the main terminal we think it is actually in Andorra… After walking for five minutes, you arrive at a train terminal that takes you to the main terminal. Then you walk some more and go through Immigration, which is quick and friendly. Another hike to Customs, where we picked up our luggage, then off to the TGV (train) station that is in the airport. It’s a bit of a hike, but not as bad as we feared, so in due course we were there. David had allowed for 2.5 hours before our train in case we were delayed, but we were actually early, so had a lot of time.

At around 10 am, we boarded the TGV for Avignon. It made two stops – Euro Disney outside Paris, and Lyon, but still had us in Avignon by 1 pm. I snoozed most the way, while David took in the scenery. At 1 pm, we got off at the Avignon TGV station and picked up our car. It was (again) an upgrade to a Mercedes C series, like mine except this is a diesel. Very nice and (so says David) gets about 40mpg.

We motored the now familiar route to St. Remy to pick up some supplies for the house. The Intermarche store has been remodeled, so we had to search for the stuff we wanted. Got it all except for an item or two and the fresh produce we will get tomorrow at Eygalieres market day.

We were at the house at 3:15, and lugged everything in and put it away. Guy Knox, the property manager dropped by to say hello and brief us on new items. The place looks great, with the grounds green and lush.

We headed down the road to the Valdition vineyards and picked up a six-pack of their excellent white (about $13/btl), then drove to the center of the village to meet Patrick (the caretaker) for a glass of wine. Chrystelle, the waitress at the Cafe du Centre, recognized us from our last trip, and brought over a carafe of local white wine. We talked with Patrick for a couple of hours, catching up on everything and sharing some laughs. One carafe turned to two, then Patrick bought a round, then Chrystelle, then it was time to go.

We returned to the house and had a light snack – a baguette with jambon and cheese – then turned in to rid ourselves of jet lag.

Tomorrow is market day.


2 Responses to Wednesday – Thursday, May 9-10, 2012 – Off we go to Paris

  1. We had the same experience the the fast train from Venice to Rome. Booked a 10:30 train just in case we had trouble getting to the station and ending up getting their way early. However, the CDG train station is much nicer than Venice’s Santa Lucia station so I am a bit jealous

  2. David and Beverly Gideon says:

    Oh well, we both got where we were going. Sure you were happy to get back to Roma and Al Moro…

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