Sunday May 20, 2012 — rain

Every trip needs a down day when the weather is so bad you can’t do anything so don’t feel guilty for vegging out. That was today, so our post will be brief.

After puttering around the mas for part of the morning sprucing it up and doing some laundry, we decided to head to St. Remy for lunch. We arrived just as the rains did, and ducked into Saveurs de Provence, a small restaurant on the north end of town where le Jardin de Frederic used to be located. The menu looked inviting, and the interior cozy.

David was a bit bewildered as he couldn’t understand the waitress at all, nor could she understand his French. Despite all my jokes, he actually gets on pretty well here, as he says he can understand the French better here in the south, and people tend to understand him better, as well.

In any event, he was finally able to order two kir to start, our wine (Mas de la Dame rosé), and water. We then went on to the menu, selecting courses from the prix fixe. I started with a coeur de saumon (heart of salmon), while he went  for the brandade de morue (a local specialty made from cod and potatoes). Both were excellent, with fresh greens and a light vinaigrette. I selected the volaille (chicken) for my plat, and David had the tartare de boeuf. Again, both were excellent. The rain outside went from drizzle to downpour while we enjoyed our meal, then let up a bit as we exited, allowing us to get back to the car without getting drenched.

Then, it was back to the mas, with the rain increasing steadily until we arrived. Back inside we continued our Sunday chores, had a light dinner, and watched some TV.

Tomorrow we will be more active. Maybe we’ll conquer Mt. Ventoux.


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