Monday May 21, 2012 – Mount Ventoux still awaits

Rain. More rain. Last night we had a major thunderstorm.

The forecast calls for rain through tomorrow. Good news for the farmers and residents who need it, but it puts a bit of a damper on sightseeing and relaxing on a tree-shaded terrace somewhere with a glass of wine and some olives.

Oh well. as the saying goes, if life hands you rain, make ice-water. However, the weather continues to delay our plans for the ascent of Mount Ventoux, and our crampons and oxygen bottles are till heaped by the door.

We spent the morning doing a little work on the blog, while the Miehle repairman worked on the coffee maker. It hasn’t been a problem for us that it was out-of-order, as we only drink coffee out, not in the mas, but now it is in working order, which will be good for the folks who stay here next. For breakfast, we both continued to nibble on the fresh cherries and strawberries we bought the other morning at the farm stand on the way back from dialysis. They are both wonderful, sweet and succulent. We will miss them.

Outside the gloom and dark continued, with the occasional major deluge. The wind has dropped, but it is chilly, to say the least.

A bit after 12 the repairman buttoned up the Miehle, and we headed back to Molleges to have lunch at Mas du Capoun, one of our favorite dining destinations in the area. While usually the street and parking lot are jammed, today there was only one car there when we arrived, and only one couple seated at a table. We figured that maybe the rains had dampened the enthusiasm of the locals and others who jam this place daily, but – in due course – people started streaming in.

The “menu” changed with the new week, and featured a choice of a shrimp brochette or ravioli with ricotta and lomo Iberico to start, and then a choice of Dorade (sea bream) or lamb for the plat (main course). David and I ordered a kir while we wrestled with what to order, and snacked on some delicious green olives. I went for the ravioli and Dorade, and David for the shrimp and Dorade. We went with a rosé to accompany our meal.

As always, the food was wonderful. Both appetizers were delicious. The Dorade was served over a bed of green olives and small onions that had been cooked in red wine. For dessert, I had a chocolate and pistachio mousse, while David went with a small cheese plate. We ended the meal with café noir, and then chatted a bit with the owner. She thanked us for coming by again, and said she remembered us from previous trips, correctly recalling that we were from Florida. We thanked her for the enjoyable lunches, and said we looked forward to dining with them again when we next return.

The rains began as we left, so we scooted for the car and drove through Molleges back to the mas. All the shops in Molleges were closed, as is customary on Mondays, one of the three days of the week that everything is closed in France.

Once home, we hunkered down inside, glancing out the window every now and then in hopes that we would see the endless ceiling of gray start to break up, but to no avail. We watched some bad BBC TV while deciding whether or not to go to the Cafe le Centre later for a glass of wine or a cup of café.

After a light dinner at home, we watched a bit of BBC, then turned in.



3 Responses to Monday May 21, 2012 – Mount Ventoux still awaits

  1. meltontrip says:

    My friend is there right now, also trying to ride mt. Ventoux! Hope you get your chance! Great post!

  2. meltontrip says:

    My friend is also there now trying to ride mt. Ventoux. Hope you get your chance! Great post! and if you run across a Texan on a rented trek say hello!

  3. meltontrip says:

    Reblogged this on Trip the Globe and commented:
    Read this tantalizing peice today! Can’t wait to be there!

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