Tuesday May 22, 2012 — A glimmer of sun

The soggy, leaden skies continue, but you can always find good food and drink indoors.

On our early morning drive to Salon, Mount Ventoux still lurked, hidden in dark grey clouds and mist. With our busy schedule for the few remaining days of our stay, it looks  doubtful if we will be able to make it to the summit on this trip. Oh well, another reason to return.

I had a hankering for pasta after almost three weeks without any, and remembered that L’Aubergine in the village had served up a nice risotto on our last stay in October, so we drove down and hopped inside. With the weather, the wonderful terrace was closed, but the interior was warm and cozy. We were greeted by Alex. the owner, who remembered us from previous visits and sat us down at the prime table. Our lunch was delightful, both the food and company. Alex filled us in on all the news in the area while I  dined on risotto with mushrooms followed by a brochette of scallops, and David asparagus followed by tuna. A white Domaine Vollongue wine quickly disappeared. Alex said that a friend was now at Mas de la Rose, a delightful place just on the outskirts of Orgon, about five minutes down the road from us. He said the food was fabulous so we should try it. He said he would tell his friend we were coming. We had just read a report on the new restaurant, so decided that it should be our Thursday lunch – our last for this trip in Provence. David has been writing up reviews on Trip Advisor, and posting some of my photos, and Alex noted that he had written a (nice) review for him. He asked if we could help with posting some photos for his restaurant, and we said we would be glad to help. Alex bade us farewell, with our promise to come back on our next trip, and we headed to the mas.

While doing some laundry, we noticed the occasional glimmer of sun outside, perhaps indicating that the sun forecast for tomorrow will, indeed, arrive.

Around seven we hopped in the car and headed to Les Baux for our dinner at Riboto de Taven. With the skies clear, and some sun to dry the roads, David opted to go “over the mountain,” a shortcut that saves about 10 minutes but entails winding, narrow roads. The drive was smooth, and we pulled into the parking lot in just 20 minutes. We were greeted by our friends Christine and Philippe Theme, and Fred, their wonderful dog. Fred likes David and brought him his toy immediately. Fred’s head is almost as big as Lucy, and he has a thick coat…perfect for rubbing.

After our greetings and conversation, we left Fred in the lobby (he is not allowed in the dining room), and began another wonderful meal from Jean-Pierre. Kirs were followed with a Mas de la Dame rosé. We both opted for Jean-Pierre’s wonderful stuffed zucchini blossoms, which we learned how to make, along with Darren and Anne, when JP was teaching a class at la Mirande in Avignon. I followed with a small serving of tarreau (bull from the Camargue) while David had JP’s excellent three-fish in bouillon dish. For this serving, JP used lotte, turbot, and hake. As always, the meal was fantastic, and then topped off with carmelized apples for dessert. another memorable meal at Riboto de Taven. We had vowed to try to leave early, as it is a long drive home at night, and we always take the longer/safer route through St. Remy. However, we had a delightful conversation that went on until we noticed at was closing on midnight. Time for us to leave and them to turn in after a long day.

In leaving, we did, however decide that we would come by tomorrow after our trip to Fontevielle to say goodbye for this trip. Then it was off, over the Alpilles, through the deserted streets of  St. Remy, and back to the mas.

Maybe we will have sun tomorrow.


3 Responses to Tuesday May 22, 2012 — A glimmer of sun

  1. I was just thinking about stuffed zucchini blossoms. I saw some while in Rome and was wondering if I still had Jean Pierre’s recipe from that cooking class.

  2. David and Beverly Gideon says:

    If you can find it, we should try it. If not, we can e-mail Jean-Pierre and ask him for it.

  3. David and Beverly Gideon says:

    Bev has the recipe. Let’s give it a whirl

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