Tuesday, October 2nd — Our Last Day in Roma

Today was by far the most beautiful day we’ve had since arriving in Rome – crisp, clear, and sunny.  We grabbed a quick bite at the hotel in the morning and headed off to the dialysis clinic for an eleven o’clock appointment. So much for morning photo-taking, but I did give David the camera so he could take a few shots. He wandered around and didn’t quite know where he was or what he took pictures of, so the captions will read “Somewhere in Rome.” We decided, after I was finished at the clinic, we’d take a cab to the Trevi Fountain, which we did. The last time we were there it is was raining, and – guess what, it was raining again today. Not for long, but enough to drive the hordes under cover while I took a dull shot or two.

After the Trevi, and my obligatory coin drop, we stumbled across L’Antico Forno, a small salumeria and market nearby. What lured us in were the legs of Parma and San Danielle hams hanging on hooks above the butcher counter. Not able to resist, we bought some guanciale and 500 grams of bucatini. That will be dinner for one or two nights in Provence.

After the market we wandered around and stopped in at Antica Fontana de Trevi, a restaurant near the fountain that apparently was decorated by committee. That garish. Chrome, black and white, prints, fringe, a fish tank, two parrots, neon, printed wallpaper on part of the ceiling – all in the same small place. David ordered a pizza and I had the bucatini amatriciana. The food was adequate but nothing to write home about. It sated my hunger but I wouldn’t care to go back. Usually we dine at Al Moro, famous for the best bucatini all’Amatriciana in Rome, but unfortunately we were a little too early.

We strolled back to hotel to pack, as we have an early flight to Marseilles and then an hour drive north. We’re looking forward to staying with our friends, Christine, Phillip and Jean-Pierre at Riboto de Taven in Les Baux de Provence for a few days. After that, we will be back for a week at the farmhouse in Eygalieres we rent.

We may be off-line for a day or two, as we’ve had problems connecting with the Wi-Fi at Riboto. Don’t worry, we’ll catch up on Saturday.

Rome has been a great vacation with all the hustle, bustle, traffic, terrorizing cab rides and the Italians talking with their hands. There is nothing like Rome, its people, food and antiquities. Not to mention Roman soldiers you can pose with…unfortunately, ours has now retired, after purchasing a property on the water off Las Olas…


4 Responses to Tuesday, October 2nd — Our Last Day in Roma

  1. cousin deb says:

    Bev and dave. Lovely to relive my trips to rome. I will show mother some of the pictures. We are getting ready to close on the new canaan hose this week. Life moves in strange ways. Looking forward to your conversation from france. Be well. Hugs deb

    • beverlygideon says:

      We have forgotten how much we enjoy Rome. I can’t believe we haven’t been here for 6 years, but we’ve enjoyed every minute of our trip. This morning off to Provence.

  2. Betty says:

    Hi, Rome is my favorite city in Italy. Glad you have enjoyed it. Hope to go back someday. Last time I was there I had John and Vonda with me. We are going to Nashville for the weekend and then will start to close the house here in NC. Hate to leave, the weather and leaves are fabulous. Tell everyone at Riboto de Taven hello for us. We will be in France next May, maybe we could see them then. Take good care of each other and safe travels.
    Betty and Jack
    Ps. Going to Harrah’s Casino @ Cherokee tonight. They have several very good restaurants. I will put a few coins in the slots for you.

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