Tuesday, October 9, 2012 — Short Day

On clinic days, David drops me off at 7 am and picks me up between 12 noon and 12:30, leaving him four hours to fill. Today, he filled them assisting Patrick in improving his Internet access. The mas has a DSL line coming in, with a WiFi modem router that you can hard wire to in the den. Everywhere else, including Patrick’s apartment, access is via WiFi. With stone walls over a foot thick, reception is sketchy. David suggested that Patrick get a device that plugs into an electrical wall outlet and to the router. The hard-wire signal then goes throughout the mas’ wiring and can be picked up with a similar unit at any wall outlet, providing a hard-wire connection. Zzzzzz. In any event, inside of an hour, all was done, and Patrick was delighted that his connection was now solid and fast.

Every time David picks me up, the first thing we say is, “where should we have lunch?” Today we decided to go back into St. Remy and eat at one of our favorites, Bistrot Decouverte. We got there a little after one and we found a great table outside so we could easily people and doggy-watch. What always amazes us is that most of the dogs are not leashed and follow alongside or behind their human. When crossing the street they stop and look before proceeding. By way of contrast, we can’t take Lucy to and from our car without a leash, and when we venture further, she tows you like you’re a water skier. Maybe we should bring her here for training.

Lunch was okay, but this former favorite has slipped badly, going to a diverse menu that doesn’t do anything well, and increasing portion size to make up for declining quality. I had grilled turbot, which was huge, and served over a massive heap of mashed potatoes. Too much for anyone to eat. David’s salad Nicoise was similar, a bunch of disjointed ingredients topped with an immense slab of tuna that was overdone. Service was okay, but we had to ask three times for our half-bottle of Badoit.

Ah well, off for our final errand – finding red pepper flakes. We figured the best bet would be at Terre et Sel, the local store that specializes in spices, herbs, and salts. Unfortunately, the closest we could come was red pepper berries. David will crush them so I can use them in the bucatini.

On the way back to the car we stopped at a little cafe that we like, Mirabeau, and had an espresso so we could dog watch.  It was a joy to watch each little personality go by, all happy to be out with their human enjoying the afternoon.

Then, back to Eygalieres. David parked on the tiny main street to get a baguette and pastry for tomorrow, and Patrick waved to me from the Cafe du Centre. The three of us had a glass of wine and swapped stories. It was agreed that – as we are the last occupants of the mas until April – Patrick will blame all problems and breakage on “les Gideons.”

Then, home for a light snack, some horrible TV, and to bed.


4 Responses to Tuesday, October 9, 2012 — Short Day

  1. Well if he is going to blame everything on “Les Gideons” I think dad should find a way to some how have the TV stuck to the Movies for Men channel on their TV. I hear they are running a “White Commanche” marathon in May. 😉

  2. Misha says:

    Did I read ‘red pepper berries and bucatini? We will gladly be your testers! you know… just to be sure….hint hint

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