Monday May 6, 2013 – Exploring the countryside

The day broke sunny and gorgeous, perfect for exploring the countryside and looking for photo ops.

First things first, however. We exhausted our wine supply with Patrick the evening before, so David headed down the roads a few km to Domaine Valdition to re-stock. This is one of our favorite local wines – good quality and a great price. David picked up three bottles each of their best white and rosé for 66 Euro total and put them on ice.

I had a light breakfast of fresh apple juice and oriettes, a delightful pastry that is basically thin sheets of dough that are fried and then sprinkled with sugar. Light as air, but no doubt off the chart on the “bad for you” scale. David is asking the boulangerie to make a batch for us with ground Lipitor added to the dough…

In the car and off to the countryside to shoot some photos. The weather was perfect – warm, blue skies, and a hint of breeze. we first stopped in Molleges, a once tiny village that has spawned modern outskirts – an interesting blend of styles. We parked in the town center and strolled around a bit, passing the city hall and village church. The Plane trees are just starting to show leaves, so still look gnarled and barren, but a few more days of this weather and the transformation will be complete. Just on the outskirts of Molleges there is a snail farm where you can buy snails. We’re not sure if they are supposed to be food or pets. You can play catch with them, but it takes forever for them to bring the ball back. Then it was on to St. Andiol,  which showed signs of promise for some nice shots except for the road construction.

After meandering through the countryside for a bit, we headed for Mas du Capoun, a small hotel and restaurant owned by a Belgian family. We have gotten to know the wife, Michele, a bit, and she is delightful. We got the “three-kiss” welcome and chatted a bit. They will be heading for New York later this year for eight days, so want us to come up with a list of places they might like to dine.

The food at Mas du Capoun is terrific, and priced so reasonably it is hard to see how they survive. No doubt it’s because every seat is full for every meal. We considered the three course menu for 18 euro, including two glasses each of wine, but were attracted by the lobster lasagna appetizer on the more expensive 37 euro menu. We both chose that as our starter, and sea bass as our main course. For wine, kirs to start and then a Mas St. Berthe rosé. The food was wonderful, fresh and beautifully prepared. We enjoyed a leisurely meal, and then headed off for more photography, promising Michele we would return the next week.

We still have a bit of jet lag, so took a short snooze in the afternoon, then headed into town for the afternoon social hour. David picked up a baguette and we chose a new spot – Café la Place – for a carafe of wine. The woman at the table next to us brought her dog, which promptly went to sleep on her feet. Nothing disturbed her – cars, talking, other dogs walking by. She just snoozed away. We tried to envision our little Lucy doing the same, but decided that if she were at our table we would be banned from Eygalieres after she barked at all the other dogs, and children, and birds. We miss her.

It was still light and sunny when we left for home, but the clock said 8 o’clock. We had a light snack and started to watch Flying Leathernecks with John Wayne and our friend Brett King, but could only make it half way through. Then it was off to bed – tomorrow is a dialysis day.


2 Responses to Monday May 6, 2013 – Exploring the countryside

  1. Kitty Mann says:

    Wish I was there!

  2. You and Fred would enjoy it! Great food and wines.

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