Wednesday, May 8, 2013 – Exploding baby’s hair and other adventures

Today is a holiday, VE Day, so we decided to take some time off from our regular work of eating and drinking to do some laundry. Beverly has declared the day a holiday from blog writing, so I am taking over the chores for a bit.

As our clothes washer is down awaiting repairs, Patrick offered to let us use his. We figured we would take our wash to his apartment next door and run it through his machine, but at 9:30 there was a knock on the door, and there was Patrick with his washing machine strapped to a dolly. He installed it in the utility room, tested it, and we were set to go. Bev sorted the clothes into groups and in they went: whites, permanent press, etc. All went without a problem, and we were done by noon.

We headed down the road to Mas de la rose for lunch, but just as we pulled up, Bev discovered she had left her camera at the mas, so we went back and picked it up. A short delay and we were once again bumping down the rutted dirt and gravel road that leads to Mas de la Rose. Someone decided that there should be speed bumps on the road, so has put a couple in. This reduces the maximum bearable speed from six to four mph and has cut way back on biker gang traffic.

Franck greeted us and seated us at a nice table on the outside terrace with views of the gardens and property. We started with the house cocktail, champagne with a strawberry/rosé mixture and fresh mint. David again opted for fresh asparagus with a farm egg, followed by cabillaud (cod) in a rosemary froth. I went with a veal dish. Both were wonderful. We ordered a bottle of Domaine de Vallongues rosé, which – aside from some tasteless new dayglo labeling – was a delightful wine. It was an idyllic respite from the tedious task of shoveling clothes into and out of the washing machine, and took a good part of our afternoon.

Bidding farewell to Franck, we headed back to the mas, hoping that the laundry fairy had visited and finished our work, but it was not to be. Bev hooked up the iron and dispatched her work while I polished off the last few loads of wash. It was too beautiful a day to stay inside, so – as it was approaching five pm, we headed into Eygalieres. I had hoped that the boulangerie and market would be open so we could pick up a couple of items for Bev’s Waldorf salad, but no dice, so we grabbed a table at Café le Centre, which was packed with people.

It quickly became apparent that we had picked the wrong table to sit at, as the one next to was occupied by a young husband and wife, their friends, and their baby. After a short period of quiet, the baby started crying. While all the young folk at the table smiled at the baby and commented on how cute he was, Bev glared at him, unleashing what all who know her have come to call “the look.” As the crying became louder and more constant, “the look” intensified, threatening to burn holes in her dark glasses. Suddenly, the baby’s hair exploded in flames, then subsided as Bev dialed back “the look.” The terrified parents cuddled the infant, wisps of smoke drifting from its locks, paid their bill, and left. Her work done, Bev relaxed and enjoyed her wine, sans baby noise.

We returned home to the mas, hoping to catch a Lee van Cleef movie on a channel that is apparently dedicated to his films, but instead found only a classic Heather Locklear/Gerald McRainey movie about a stalker who attempts to impress Locklear by imploding buildings. Not as bad as the Death Car movie earlier in the week, and nowhere near as bad as the Hercules epic, but still good enough to make it into our top ten list.

Weary from our laundry chores, we turned in early so we could be up early for the morning trip to Salon.


One Response to Wednesday, May 8, 2013 – Exploding baby’s hair and other adventures

  1. cuz deb says:

    I have a picture of me at 3 yrs old with that look
    maybe Bev could glare at a male employee I laid off this week who claims I am a man hater would love to see his hair in flames!

    be well and enjoy
    cuz deb

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