Friday, May 17, 2013 – Off to St. Etienne and Olivades

Market day, again.

We really didn’t need anything, but how can you pass up on strolling through the stalls and looking at all there is to buy.

First, however, we made a pilgrimage to Domaine Valdition to buy more of their wonderful Vallon des Anges rosé. Then, it was into town for some quick shopping. Aside from bread and pastries at the boulangerie, we didn’t need anything, so headed for Bistro l’Aubergine for lunch.

Alex greeted us, and thanked us for the photos that we had uploaded to his listing for TripAdvisor. We chatted for a bit and enjoyed a kir while relating our dining experiences – wonderful at Mas du Capoun and Potager du Mas, sadly disappointing at la Petite Table, and mixed at Sous le Micocouliers. We then enjoyed a light lunch – tuna for David and scallops for me, both done beautifully. While we tried to pass on dessert, Alex insisted, and brought us a fabulous chocolate and banana dish that – despite our protestations – quickly evaporated.

Then, it was off to St. Etienne de Grés to shop for fabrics at Olivades. As David equates shopping with me as about the same as being water boarded, he strolled around outside the Olivades fabric shop pretending to be interested in the foliage while I surveyed the choices for tablecloths. Given the sizes I needed, anything I selected would have to be made to order. Given the current schedule of work, strikes, holidays, and the like, I was told it would be several years before they could get to my order, so I selected something for Anne’s table that would work in one of the standard sizes.

Then, it was off to St. Remy to pick up a few items for our upcoming lunch for Christine and Philippe next week. Unfortunately, all the stores we were interested in shopping at were closed because there had been no strikes in France for four months so people were striking in protest that there were no strikes, or something like that.

Off to Eygalieres, some time at Cafe du Centre, some hideously bad TV (including a re-run of Death Car on the Freeway). and to bed.


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