Sunday, May 4, 2014 — Nothing to Do

We woke to a beautiful, albeit cool, day. In the morning it was 55 degrees F, but by the afternoon the temp would climb to 60-62 degrees F. The property manager, Guy Knox, had told us in an earlier email that we might expect a visit from the owners of Mas de la Rasclaouse, the farmhouse that we rent. He swung by mid-morning and said he hadn’t heard from Bryan or Pat, so feel free to not wait around.
We were pretty much settled and unpacked, and I began making soup (Ribollita) for tonight’s dinner. With that done, we decided to grab lunch in the village at Sous les Micocouliers restaurant. Since the last time we ate there, renovations were done to the property. A beautiful, light-filled dining room was a welcome new addition, the bar was moved to the original dining room, and a new extension to the outdoor patio was created. David and I started with our usual kirs while we perused the menu. We both started with stuffed zucchini blossoms. For my main course I chose the 1/2 lobster while David went with the dorade (sea bream). Everything was excellent and the service warm and friendly. The people at the table next to ours recognized that we were American and asked where we were from? When we said Florida they laughed and said they were from Miami. We had a lively conversation, exchanged cell numbers, etc. and agreed to meet for lunch either Wednesday or Friday. Their names were Aria, Yvonne and their daughter Andrea. Coincidentally, their other daughter lives in Boca Raton. We said goodbyes and we went back to the farmhouse only to be surprised to meet Bryan and Pat, owners of Rasclaouse.

Bryan and Pat were delightful – gracious, warm, and charming. They come to the mas to check on a few things. David and Bryan tried unsuccessfully to get the new TV/entertainment center up and working while Pat tended to some plants in the garden.

We sat for a bit and chatted, finding out some of their background, the history of the house, and news of their new house in Spain. We filled them in a bit about ourselves until they realized they had to leave to make it back to Spain in time for a dinner reservation.  We were sorry they had to leave, as we were enjoying them immensely. Hopefully we will be able to get together again on another visit.

After their departure, I put the Ribollita on the stove and added a few final touches. It was excellent, but we decided it needed a green vegetable (we’ll probably go with blette, which is basically Swiss chard), and a different (larger) white bean. There’s enough for a week, unless Patrick helps out.

A long day, and we’re still a bit jet-lagged, so off to bed.


One Response to Sunday, May 4, 2014 — Nothing to Do

  1. sharon king says:

    SOOO happy for you and David to be back where you both are so happy. Enjoy every minute. Love to you both, Sharon

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