Monday, May 5th and Tuesday, May 6th — Easy Days

MONDAY we woke to another beautiful sunny day in Provence. Roxy II and Roxy III delivered fresh eggs. Life doesn’t get much better.

We decided to do nothing but take a drive to Maussane and have lunch. David wanted to take the shortcut over the Alpilles but truthfully my nerves would have gotten the better of me. As it turned out, the drive was easy, leisurely, scenic and not too stressful, with flowers and trees coming into bloom. We’re getting used to the normal French traffic, people driving two miles per hour and others passing everyone at warp speed, so just set our own pace. We decided to eat at La Place in the village square, always excellent food, albeit a bit snooty at times. The tables at La Place are usually filled, so we called ahead to make reservations to sit outside on the square.

Our lunch was terrific. We started with a kir, then Caesar salad for me, salmon for David, and a risotto plat for both of us. Dessert for David was strawberry and ice cream, and I had a lava muffin with strawberries and a scoop of ice cream. The gorgeous weather made dining outside delightful. After lunch, we took a stroll to the ATM for a Euro refill, then to the car and a casual drive home through St. Remy to Eygalieres.

For dinner, we had a bowl of ribolitta, worked on the blog and turned in early. A simple day, but very enjoyable and relaxing.

TUESDAY the alarm went off very early, then it was off to the clinic in Salon de Provence. We had big plans of sightseeing after the clinic, but I have come down a 24-hour bug and was under the weather so those plans were tabled and we decided on a light lunch at Bistrot L’Aubergine. With another beautiful and warm spring day we sat outside on the patio and enjoyed a light meal. The usual kirs to start, salads for both of us, and a bottle of rosé made for a light and refreshing lunch.

Then, it was back to the mas to see if I could shake the bug that has been dogging me. Tomorrow is a full day, meeting new friends at Mas de la Rose for lunch and then going to the Vintage Auto Musee/Club with Patrick for a drink. The weather is supposed to be rainy and cloudy tomorrow, but who knows – the forecast is seldom right.

Stay tuned.


3 Responses to Monday, May 5th and Tuesday, May 6th — Easy Days

  1. Katherine says:

    I so enjoy vicariously being with you in what sounds like a dream. Your telling of villages, shopping, and food is lovely. So happy for you both. Love K

  2. Kitty Mann says:

    Love reading! Let me know if you connect with our old neighbors, the Segals. Hugs Kitty

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